Guitar Notes: Ok What Do I Do Next? Advice On My Mission :D?

This is an easy way to play Somebody that I Used to Know on the piano. Thanks for watching! You Rock!!!!!!

Ok I like one of my teachers at Uni. I am 29 he is 28. I was sort of amused by him at the begginning but then I found out he´s got 2 degrees and a doctorate, teaches children with speech problems,and has got a heavy metal band (plays the guitar).Now, the trouble is……….
We met one day on the bus and started talking we kissed on the cheeks (well we´re Spanish haha). I went to his office to ask questions before the exam once. He said: “I dont see you on the bus anymore, maybe we´ll meet there again”. But he´s just nice like that to everyone.
So I found out his next concert and went to see him. He asked how had “we” (the class) found out and was sort of was smiley but after the concert my friend insisted we should go then to raise interest and let him do something next. So I left and we kissed on the cheeks again (well we´re both Spanish lol).
Ok, since we dont have each others numbers, there is no more class but the exam, I dont have his email (just the teacher one) and I dont want to mix the 2 worlds – work and personal – cos I have the feeling he doesnt like that (he is completely different when in teacher mode)…
What do I do that doesnt look like a 15 yr old thing and will get me a date?
My friend says leave him a note when you give him the exam on a separate sheet (believe or not we are 29 and 30 hehehe) but I say No, No, Nooooo….
He doesn´t have a work cubby hole just an office (shared I think) but thanks :)


  1. ruddy says:

    Okay well i wouldnt do anything during the exam as it seems like you want to get better grades – i would leave a note in his work cubby hole at the end of the exam with your number and say it was wonderful knowing you and i thought i would take the chance and leave you my number it would be nice to hear from you and go out for a drink not as student and teacher –

  2. majeed s says:

    Right on! follow ruddy!!!!

  3. Steve Uk says:

    Just ask him out for dinner ..He can only say yes or no..
    You wont know if you dont try.