Guitar Lessons: Any Advice On Guitars?

Im a fifteen-year-old girl who likes all kind of music, and I’ve been wanting to start the guitar for a while now, but I don’t know which one to take up? Does anyone have any advice to help me make a decision?

If I do take it up, is it easy to teach yourself or would you have to pay for lessons? Cause our family can’t afford too much…

Or shall I forget the idea completely?


  1. Jan409 says:

    First you have to choose whether its a bass,electric or accoustic guitar
    you want to learn to play

    My son plays bass in a band and suggests you start with a basic starter pack which usually includes a basic amp

    He also suggest you get lessons to start with

    Maybe you can get guitar lessons at school for free or little cost

    Go for it, you won’t regret it and Good Luck !