Best Acoustic Guitar: How Do You Lower The Action On An Acoustic Guitar? SHEET MUSIC: iTunes Search “talkwithyourfingers” on iTunes to find my covers. You can also download MP3’s here: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE FOO FIGHTERS FOR SHARING THIS!! ——————————————————————————————————— I recommend listening to the original song, so you get why I’m playing it how I am :) Also don’t mind the fact that I couldn’t be screwed changing out of my school uniform before recording this haha. Anyways hope you enjoy my cover :) and the timer is to prove that the video isn’t sped up.


  1. Westinghouse says:

    you are going to have to file down the bridge. when you re-string your guitar, take off the little bit that holds the strings and file it down a bit. Don’t make it too low to where the strings buzz the frets though.