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I am in a band who need an acoustic song to play. 3 of us play guitar and the other one plays drums hut nothing else. We are all 13 and stuck for ideas can anyone help.


  1. Snow says:

    3 guitars? That’s a little much… 2 is good though, especially for heavier stuff…

    My honest advice, is that one of you take up the bass. It’s a very important part of any rock band.

    As far as what to play, make up your own songs, and learn to read and write music if you can’t already. Playing covers as a new band is a crutch. Save the covers until you’ve done your own thing, and then do them here and there as a tribute to bands you like, or that you are influenced by.

    You don’t have to sit around and think about it either. Just start jamming, get a feel for each others style, and go with it. You’ll stumble onto stuff that you like, then you can hone in on it and refine it, and then bam, a song is born.

    Stick with it, and get better, and trust me, you’re late teen years and beyond will be a blast. It doesn’t matter if you ever get big named, you’ll be the life of many parties around your area, and jamming out is an awesome thing on top of the good times it will land you. So it’s a win/win.