Guitar Lessons: Is It Possible? I Really Need Help With Acoustic Guitars :)?

two hand tapping version of JS Bach’s popular piece

I want to learn to play the acoustic guitar. A) because my house is not big enoigh to hav an amplifier for an electric one for my neigbors to complain B) i like black veil brides… Too much i think and im obsessed with the acoustic songs they hav done such as morticians daughter saviour and the acoustic version of knives and pens.
Im 13, so its not like its up to me wot i do and i already get horse riding lessons and heavy duty equiptment is quite exspensive so it needs replacing often.
So. I suggested to my mum that i get a guitar for xmas or my b day and buy some books and teach myself. Is it possible o teach myself or maybe watch tutorials on the internet and how much wud a black or blue or deep red guitar cost i want to sort it out and all that bcause im indecisive and always change my mind?! Thx xx 😉


  1. Twylla says:

    I taught myself :) I started off with this book of chords to get familiar with them, it was – ‘guitar chords’ by Jake Jackson – if you’re interested. I learnt 3 chords, G D and C, and just repeated the hand positioning over and over on my guitar to get used to changing chords quickly.

    Then just teach yourself to strum, its a bit of an awkward movement at first, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually – just strum the strings down and up repeatedly until you get into a rhythm.

    Once I could do that I just went onto youtube for guitar tutorials for songs I really wanted to play, the videos might also help with plucking the strings for songs with no chords.
    It was pretty easy from then on once I’d got the hang of it.
    Now I just play music by ear, no videos required

    Hope this helped :)