Best Acoustic Guitar: Acoustic Guitar Music Help?

Cheers! I know there might be tons of those questions and I haven’t seen them yet, but I thought I’d ask, so there goes!
I’m trying to find a sad music for an acoustic guitar, the one that touches heart and speaks of sad feelings. I mean something like La Sola from Fate/Stay Night OST.
I saw that many recommended some sad music from rock bands and such, I think though the pure instrumental origin is better ^^ It’s more thought out when it’s just music than when there’s lyrics to it. ( My opinion at least). Thank you for your time =) Have a nice day!


  1. c says:

    Sad music is for the weak.

  2. andrew says:

    mama said by metallica is very sad and its primarily acoustic.the electric parts are just to flesh out the song and it doesnt matter if you play it just acoustic

  3. fightingtemptations says:

    what do you think of “Last Kiss ” by pearl jam .