Guitar Hero Games: My 64mb Memeory Card For Ps2 Has Jsut Been Wiped!!!, What Can I Do?

ok so i have a 64mb memeory for ps2, and my bro accidnetly wiped by switching over the memory cards whilst it was on.

i have lost all my completed and fav game data, apart from guitar hero and pes 2008!!!

what can i do?????, is there a way of actually gettting it back?

someone help


  1. Mr Bad Boy says:

    No, it’s all gone

  2. andy t says:

    nope – start at level 1!!!

  3. D.W says:

    Sorry dude, at best the data will be corrupted which I don’t think you can fix any how.

    This must be a real killer but I think you need to accept its gone for good……….

  4. voyager says:

    sorry my friend you will have to start again

  5. Jerry R says:

    i doubt that there is maybe try plugging it in and out a couple times.

  6. Joshua Fit For Battle says:

    you can’t do much, you gotta start clean

  7. kyle g says:

    trie to go to the other port if that dosent work i am not sure tell me if it helps