Guitar Songs: Where Can I Get The Guitar Tab Book Of All The Libertines Songs?

READ THE DESCRIPTION: The rock band was forced to play in playback during an italian tv show about football “Quelli che il Calcio”. So Muse decided to exchange their instruments and positions. The singer became a drummer, the drummer sang and played bass, and the guy who usually play the bass played guitar and keyboard. Nobody (in the tv show) noticed the difference. Futhermore at the end of that fantastic performance the hostess interviewed the drummer that still acting like the singer talked about his friend matthew at the drum (he his the real singer). PS. sorry for not perfect english and remember that not all italians are ignorant and egocentric like the staff of that show

does anyone know the stumming pattern (guitar) for KT Tunstall’s other side of the world?

i know the chords i just cant get to grips with the stumming. If anyone could share their knowledge it is much appreciated.

Guitar Songs: Name Me A Few Really Hard Songs To Play On Guitar?

Need it for a college audition

Guitar Chords: How Do I Recognise Chord Changes In A Song For My Music Exam?

We are on iTunes! Please support Tommy’s music a pick up this song today! Tommy Miller is an old dear friend of mine. We have been talking about making a video together for probably 5 years now, so I’m very happy to have the first one be Bon Iver Skinny Love. His take on this cover song is absolutely beautiful! Don’t get me wrong I love Bon Iver’s falsetto voice, but I’ve always wanted to hear someone sing one of his songs with power. Tommy, you did well sir! Bon Iver “For Emma, Forever Ago” was one of those albums that opened my mind up to a whole new world of music. So many songs from that album, Skinny Love, Flume, Re: Stacks are regulars in my itunes playlists and youtube playlists. Earlier this year Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon released a new album and I was so happy to find it just as enchanting as the first. How good is that song Holocene? (the answer is “sooooo good”) Also if you are fan of Indie Folk music like I am, check out the band Angus & Julia Stone, I recenetly discovered them to be quite wonderful, especially the songs Mango Tree & Bella. If you listen to it, please let me know what you think! Thank you to Tommy Miller for showing us your blooded and crushed veneer on this Bon Iver Skinny Love cover song. I’m always up to do a video with you! Just let me know where and when! Again big thanks to Brandon Gass for his mixing and mastering. After hearing what you did with the “Rolling in the Crazy” I never want to

For example, on the sheet there will be the chorus of a song. There are empty boxes above certain words where the chord changes. We are given the chords:
Chord I: C
Chord IV: F
Chord V: G
Chord VI: A
And we have to fill in the boxes with the chords. How do I recognise which chord it changes to? I play the violin so using piano or guitar won’t help.

Guitar Chords: Can Anyone Tab Guitar Songs? By Ear?

I really want to learn a song but it isn’t well known so now tabs/chords are on ultimate guitar. If someone could tab this song or even just the chords it would be great. Ps leave a comment if you’re going to tab it.

Guitar Games: What Should I Get For Christmas ?

Hello :), I’m 16, I play rugby ,I play guitar ,I have a computer and I have a TV in my room .I don’t like games much.
I would love to get a mac but they cost to much for a Christmas present in my opinion.
Any suggestions :) x

I keep getting butterflies in my stomach, but I’m not nervous about anything.?

This started on the day of my first driving lesson, which was about a week ago. I was waiting for the instructor, with a serious case of butterflies. I thought it would all pass away once I got through my first lesson, and when I was doing it, it did pass. I had a lot of fun and my instructor was very nice, but when I got home, almost immediately it started again. It’s been about a week, and I still get butterflies every night, sometimes it’s so bad I don’t feel good at all, and in the morning I can’t bring myself to eat because I think I might throw up. I don’t understand. School just started, but I’m not nervous about that. I love the driving lessons, they’re quite relaxing and enjoyable, so what can it be?

I noticed one thing that calms me down is playing my guitar, but that’s probably because I’m not thinking about the butterflies.

i can’t concentrate on anything any more?

hi, i’m 13 and a girl, and recently, my memory has become really bad (i’ve already asked a question on here about this) but stuff seems to be getting worse. i can’t concentrate in lessons, or at home. at school, being in high sets i’m expected to listen and pay attention, but i just can’t concentrate of focus on anything. i constantly feel the need to talk to people. i find almost every lesson that i use to enjoy boring (maths, science, french, german, history, geography ect.) and the only lessons i still enjoy are drama, music, art and english (i’ve always loved these).
as for at home, i’m constantly listening to music to keep myself entertained. i’ve always been a musical person, and i would love to become good at an instrument. since a young age though, every time i’ve tried to learn an instrument, i’ve become bored of it. i’ve tried clarinet, violin, keyboard, drums and guitar, and i’ve always got pretty good at them, and then got bored.
this is like what’s happening alot recently, i just can’t focus on anything and become bored and get distracted very easily.
why could this be? and what could i do to stop it?
thank you for any answers in advance :)
oh yeah… i’m not sure if this is relevant… but i’ve been seeing things too xP
in case you’re wondering, i saw a person with a black cape/cloak, and a couple of weeks later i saw my hamster on my pillow (it wasn’t actually there… i think)…
don’t worry, i wasn’t high on either occasion :’)

Guitar Songs: What Songs Do You Really Like To Jam To?

Share this link: Free MP3 download: “Stand by Me” On June 24, Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian went into an LA recording studio with Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and American record producers Don Was and John Shanks to record a musical message of worldwide solidarity with the people of Iran. This version of the old Ben E. King classic is not for sale – it was not meant to be on the Billboard charts or even manufactured as a CD…’s intended to be downloaded and shared by the Iranian people…to give voice to the sentiment that all people of the world stand together….the handwritten Farsi sign in the video translates to “we are one”. If you know someone in Iran – or someone who knows someone in Iran – please share this link CREDITS: STAND BY ME Andy – Vocals Jon Bon Jovi – Vocals Richie Sambora – Electric Guitar and Vocals John Shanks – Acoustic Guitar Don Was – Bass Patrick Leonard – Keyboards Jeff Rothchild – Drums Tiffany Madadian and Nikki Lund – Background Vocals Produced by Don Was & John Shanks Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Rothchild at Henson Studio C, Hollywood, CA June 24, 2009 Thanks to Faryal Ganjehei Written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller Farsi lyric by Paksima Zakipour Video Edited by Gemma Corfield Mastered by Stephen Marcussen

I mean songs where you just sing as loud as you can (typically off-key, lol) when your in your car or at home alone and/or jam on your air guitar because you can’t help but get into the music. Music certainly has that effect on me.

A short list (5 songs max) would be good.

Guitar Games: What Shall I Get? Please Help Me!?

Hi, I am thinking about getting a psp go for christmas but i don’t know whether to or not. It is very overpriced and I already ahve a psp 1000 and do not use it. I mainly use my iPod Touch. I want something I will really like but already have…
lots of games
Ds Phat
Psp 1000
19 inch hd television
iPod Touch

I like gadgets and new stuff 😛 Any suggestions will be appreciated

Guitar Lessons: Is It To Late For Me To Become A Musician?

paul gilbert guitar lesson

Hi I’m 16 and i just started up playing the guitar and singing
i’m making real Progress with my guitar playing practising 4-6hours guitar a day. should i be practising more hours? how good could i be within a year?
However with my singing im not bad but i’m no near good to the standard i would want. but the thing is i don’t really know how to improve my singing voice, i have considered taking up singing lessons but i’m not sure if they really worth it?
also is learning music theory beneficial to making music? i know some musicians like jimi hendrix and slash didn’t know theory but they still made amazing music how could they achieve that?
If i missed out anything else that a musician needs to become successful could you say so say why it is needed
thank you very much for your time

Guitar Lessons: Where Should I Start For Learning To Play The Drums?

So I’m 15, 16 on the 3rd July, I don’t play any instruments and I have barely any experience except randomly strumming a mate’s guitar and all that xylophone and keyboard bullshit you do in school. All my life thus far, one of my dreams was to be in a band. Now, I’m not particularly wanting to learn the drums for the sake of joining a band, I just want to play initially, but yeah, when listening to music I always did the air guitar and shit like that and thought it would be a good idea to learn.

However, as I matured ever so slightly and kinda paid a little more attention to how music is played and put together, I fell in love with bass and drums. Mostly in rock and metal. My favourite would be the drums, as you may have guessed from the subject of this question. I’ve been looking around different websites and other questions on this site, about people wondering the same thing as me, but none of my individual questions have been answered, so here we go:

1. With no real experience practicing an instrument at my age, could I start learning and become significantly better within the next few years?

2. If I did happen to join a band, would I get a lot of p*ssy? No, I’m joking. Seriously though.

3. What type of kit should a beginner like me get? Any brands, types of set, or links to examples would be perfect. Preferably anything under £150 for my first, I guess. If a decent set will go for that cheap.

4. I’m looking to play anything from indie rock to punk rock to heavier types of metal, and, within time, insane stuff like power metal. Is there anything in particular I should get for this? You could answer both this and question three together, that would probably make sense.

5. For some reason, I don’t think I’ll be up for going out to lessons at a local music place or something. Would I be able to half self-teach myself if I used online lessons etc.?

That’s it for now, although I may edit it if I have anymore questions. Hell, answer within the next 10 minutes, and I’ll make all your wishes come true.

Guitar Lessons: Yo Who Is Looking Forward To Da Iommi/Miley Album?

I read a interview wit Tony Iommi and he said “Well when I heard Miley I thought what a beautiful metal voice she has, I can see why she is the Metal Queen, so I got my management to contact her and she refused at first as she thought my guitar playing wasn’t up to her standard and fairly so, but I managed to persuade her under the condition that I get some lessons from Nick Jonas, he is a wonderful teacher and I can now play guitar better than ever thanks to him!”

Who agree dis album will be off da hook?

Guitar Lessons: Do I Qualify For A Performing Arts School?

I’m not really a stranger to Ballet. I did Jazz, Tap and Latin American for 3 years and I stopped for a while and am just starting to pick things up again. I have attened a few Ballet classes but I want to start properly. I have some intentions of maybe trying for a Performing Arts school when I’m 16, maybe doing Musical Theatre. I am a musical person : I love to sing (I have private lessons) and I play the Viola and the Keyboard and also the Guitar. Performing Arts and Drama and Music are three of my GCSE options for key stage four. I started Tap last week (I am able to skip grades) and I’m starting Jazz and Ballet soon. I am also very dedicated to all I do. Ooh, and, I am good at writing poems so I’m an okay-ish/good song writer.

(I am English, by the way!)