Guitar Songs: What Songs Should We Perform In Our School Concert?

Our school is having a school concert about a month away now. I’m wondering what songs we can perform? I’d appreciate any suggestions anyone has. But don’t pick anything with some mad impossible guitar solo :P.

Only one I can think of is ”Dont Speak” by ”No Doubt”.


I have just been meandering around the Internet and I found this…?

The whole point of Guitar Hero is that you play a guitar. This is the weirdest adaptation of a video game I have ever seen.

Guitar Games: All You Lot That Want To Get Rockband 3?

When is Rockband 3 being released in the U.K?
how much is the game on it’s own?
how much is the keytar thingy?
and how much is the pro guitar?
Is it actualy going to be just like a real guitar? If i get good at it and manage to do it at expert difficulty will i then be able to adapt to a real guitar and play that at around the same level or is learning pro completely different from the real thing.

Guitar Songs: Guitar Hero 3 Custom Songs?


how do you make them

Guitar Hero Games: Does This Come With The Game?

Loca People, censored f*** with Adobe Audition IGNORE [Extra Tags] Call, of, Duty, 4, In, Real, life, modern, warfare, xbox, xbl, counterstrike, sounds, playstation, xbox, live , halo gmod gta 5 need for speed undercover g unit lego lost green lantern movie mtv gamestop yellow ps3 grapes twin towers 2 lego spider man lego indiana jones lego star wars 3 lego batman arkham asylum game the dark knight video game jak 4 jak 5 jak 6 ps4 ps5 yellow ps3 gta 5 bully 2 psp nyc Super Mario Galaxy 2007 97 call bj of duty assassins creed gta 4 grand theft auto vice city san andreas 4 bioshock mass effect metal gear solid 4 2 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, resistance fall of man tom clancy’s rainboy six vegas The 2006 95 3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2008 94 4 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition 2007 battlefield bad company ps2 gamecube ok roll’d xbox 91 5 Metroid Prime 3: rick roll Corruption 2007 90 6 Okami 2008 89 7 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure 2007 87 8 Guitar Hero III: Legends of xbox live Rock 2007 86 9 Super Paper Mario 2007 85 10 Boom Blox 2008 85 11 No More Heroes 2008 83 12 MLB Power Pros 2007 83 13 BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy 2008 83 14 WarioWare: Smooth Moves 2007 83 15 Bully: Scholarship Edition 2008 83 16 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 2008 83 17 Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection 2008 82 18 Mario Kart Wii 2008 82 19 Rock Band 2008 81 20 Madden NFL 07 2006 81 21 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 2007 80 22 LostWinds 2008 80 23 Trauma Center: Second

Guitar Hero World Tour Super Bundle Wii – from Argos – it doesn’t say if it comes with the game or not?

what do you think?

Guitar Songs: If I Delete My Guitar Hero 5 Data Will I Lose The Songs I Downloaded For Band Hero?

Looking for good songs to play on guitar….I seem to have run out of ideas…?

Acoustic Set on 2nd June 2012, We had a 15 minute slot but thought we would spice it up a little and do something different :) hope you like it :) Songs In Order – Through The Glass All These Things I Hate Time Of Your Life So Far Away

I play guitar and sing and I’m just trying to build up my playlist…I play foo’s, killers, paul weller, sheryl crow, cranberries, kt tunstall. Just to give you an idea of what I do…My new favourite is time after time by rob thomas…if you get a chance youtube it…it’s brilliant…
I’m liking the challenge of stevie ray…although I’m not sure how good that would be…I can do metallica but I don’t really sing to…cheers though guys
I’m loving the suggestions….what was that?? Bob…and ria…a good list there…xx

Guitar Chords: Can Anybody Play The Real Thing By Toni Di Bart On Guitar?

Edei hits the studio to bring you her version of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’! New single from Edei ‘Loved’ is Out Now. Download it from iTunes here: Visit Edei’s Website here; Become an Edei fan on facebook here Follow Edei on Twitter here

Can anybody play The Real Thing by Toni di Bart on guitar? Do you know the chords??

Guitar Songs: Good Rock/pop Punk Songs To Learn On Guitar ?

Drum and Bass Mix ► ◄ Genetic Bros – November 2010 Artist Mix – Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass Mix TV ============== Panda presents GeneticBros. This Russian producer just signed exclusively to Futurebound’s Viper Recordings and has been making waves on the Drum N Bass scene ever since. Starting his music career as a guitar player in various rock bands, GeneticBros drew influence from System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queen and classic electronic icons such as Fatboy Slim, JXL, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. With airplay and support from the likes of Crissy Criss, Mutated Forms, Netsky, Black Sun Empire and Sigma, GeneticBros is now pushing his sound further and therefore we have him in the mix! In this artist-only Drum and Bass mix, GeneticBros blends 13 of his latest exclusives in just over 40 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for the fabulous GeneticBros in the comments! ►TRACKLISTING◄ 1 – GeneticBros – Apollo (Viper dub) 2 – GeneticBros – Branches (Viper) 3 – GeneticBros – 1-2-3-4 (Outta London Rec dub) 4 – GeneticBros – Quark (dub) 5 – GeneticBros – Uplifting (TalkinBeatz) 6 – Sub Focus – Could This Be Real(GeneticBros bootleg) 7 – GeneticBros – Love (TalkinBeatz dub) 8 – Fresh – Gold Dust (GeneticBros Remix) 9 – GeneticBros – Escape (Outta London Rec dub) 10 – Noisia & Phace – Stagger (GeneticBros bootleg) 11 – GeneticBros – Outer Limits (dub) 12 – GeneticBros & Profit – Colorful (Formation dub) 13 – GeneticBros – Rush (Viper dub

Hi, I could need to do a performance soon, but I have no clue what I should play because I don’t thInk that there’s anything in my current repertoire that is well known, appropriate, and not something I’ve over performed

I’m not looking for anything too complicated, because it’s only a month or two away that I might be performing, I think rock or pop punk would be good with its not too heavy, so it won’t put people off listening and it’s not too hard to find a rock or pop punk song with clean lyrics.
I like;
you me @ six
New found glory
All time low
The blackout
Good Charlotte
A day to remember
Foo fighters
Biffy clyro

Also, no really simple songs like just chords cus thats really boring to play and people get bored listening and I will probably be performing as a solo performer

To give you an Idea of my level I can play:
Paramore: misery business, when it rains
Muse: plug in baby
A day to remember: all I want
Biffy clyro: many of horror

Something of around that sort of difficulty would be great because that won’t take too long to learn

Cheers :p

Best Acoustic Guitar: What Kind Of Guitar Should I Buy First? Electric Or Acoustic?

Смотрите на – ВСЕМ смотреть

i want the electric more, because of the silent practise..but what dou you think?

Can’t play D Chord Guitar?

Music video by Lonestar performing I’m Already There. (C) 2004 BMG Music

Actually I can’t play ANY chord?! I think it’s how hard i’m pressing the strings with my fingers but I have no clue to be honest. I’m not too far away from the frets and i’m not on top of it either.

I just can’t seem to find the problem?

How hard should I place my fingers on top of the strings?

(Please im an begging for a simple answer)


Guitar Games: Am I Spoilt My Friends Think I Am?

Over 1.25 million app downloads! Check out the rest of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 videos here! Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Playlist: Check out these related Mahalo Video Game Walkthroughs: Vanquish Walkthrough: Enslaved Walkthrough: Front Mission Evolved Walkthrough: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Walkthrough Shank: Metroid: Other M Walkthrough: Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough: Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough: DeathSpank Thongs of Virtue: StarCraft 2 Walkthrough: Check out these Mahalo How-To Playlists: How To Use iPhone 4 How To Use the Top Droid Apps LA’s Hottest Bartender How To Use Windows 7 What Not To Do on a Date How To Maintain and Optimize Your Computer How To Get 3 Stars on Angry Birds 1st World How To Flirt How To Play Guitar Songs How To Speak Japanese

My friends are all calling me spoilt but i dont think i am im not like 1 of them millionare childs children who has there own house these are the things that i have that make my friends think im spoilt. Alienware m11x laptop, iphone 4, rotax petrol go kart, 32 inch samsung tv, xbox 360 with 42 games, electric guitar and some designer clothing e.g armarni sunglasses and ralf lauren tops and stuff like that) by the way im 12
I really appreciate what i get and i dont brag about it its just when my friends come round my house the
they see my stuff and straight away call me spoilt
in the uk we spell with spoilt… and i have 1 brother and spoilt and they both get as much as me

Guitar Games: Is This A Reasonable Asking Price For Computer And Console? Uk Only?

By now, I’m guessing most of you know that I utterly despise Jasper Batt Jr. But for as much as I hate him, I like all of the music that plays in the final battle with him. Feet on the Air (Phase 1): Not fitting at all for the situation at hand (what with Jasper “killing” Henry, Sylvia and Shinobu), but it’s still great. It fits the fact that Batt Jr is in a flying car – it’s fast paced, and almost like something you’d hear in a kart race. Titanium Batt (Phase 2): The only – I repeat, ONLY – good thing about this phase of the battle. This fight is nothing short of completely unfair, but this music was at least catchy and memorable (maybe that’s because of how my I heard this after I died so much?). I love how this one sounds like something you’d hear in a cheesy 1960s TV show, like Batman. Wait, Batt Man…? Damn, now that makes too much sense… Either way, I think this is probably my favourite of the three music tracks in the battle. Travesty (Phase 3): For me, this one ALMOST beats out Phase 2. ALMOST. The guitar in this track is just plain wicked, but there’s just a few things that prevent me from enjoying this as much as I should. One, the track isn’t nearly as good as We Are Finally Cowboys, and this plays while you fight a freaking PARADE FLOAT. So lame… The scary thing is… I’ve actually managed to beat Jasper once on Deathmatch mode…

Im selling some stuff, I have them listed, but unsure if its a good enough price im asking, or if its too much, and would be grateful if someone could advise me please.
Im selling my pc, monitor and printer as a bundle. Pc has intel core 2 quad q9450 processor, cooler master cpu fan, stealth stream 2 600w psu, 2gb ram, 1tb hard drive, geforce gtx 260-2 graphics card, dvd-rw drive, with windows 7, office, etc. monitor is 22inch full hd 1080p lg, and printer is a canon one. everything works perfect, and in excellent condition. im asking for £650 for all this, is that reasonable?
also im selling my xbox 360, one controller, hdmi cable, play and charge kit, 31 games, usb guitar, for £260, is this reasonable?
if anyone can advise me on a suitable price to list these items in adtrader, that would be great, thanks.
Games for the xbox include some older ones such as dead space, pgr 4, but also games like red dead redemption, assassins creed 2, modern warfare 2, etc.

Guitar Hero Games: Which Game Is Best Out Of This List?

Gears of wars 2
Halo 3
Fallout 3
Guitar hero world tour
Resistance 2
or GTA 4?

Guitar Games: I Have No Friends What Should I Do?

Lyrics from the Out of Exile album ————————————————– Audioslave – Dandelion Settle down now and sit with me Let me tell you how this all came to be A yellow flower with your pedals to the air And flying on paper wings that brought you here Summer rolls on in the lazy hours An ether dream way Of hummingbirds and clouds Midnight swims in the cool back waves And you in my arms as it rolls away Little dandelion Let your heart keep time Now the clouds are gone All of your tomorrows shine Oh oh All of your tomorrows shine Oh oh All of your tomorrows shine Born of restless night the moon as a pearl Playing games down inside your soft warm world Hear my voice I know that you can You’re the fire in my eyes The sun as a man Seasons come along and seasons go And what they’ll leave behind I don’t pretend to know I’m afraid that all I have missed Will loom very large when the darkness lifts Little dandelion Let your heart keep time Now the clouds are gone All of your tomorrows shine Oh oh All of your tomorrows shine Oh oh All of your tomorrows I will ride by your side Wherever you go I won’t run I won’t hide Just letting you know Little dandelion Let your heart keep time Now the clouds are gone All of your tomorrows shine Hey, Oh oh All of your tomorrows shine Oh oh All of your tomorrows shine Oh oh All of your tomorrows shine

I talk to people but no one likes me but I don’t really like them either and whenever I meet someone new they ask me if I’m high but I don’t do drugs. I live in north Dakota in a town of 100 people there’s 40 kids in my high school and everyone is a mean hick so now I just sit in my house all day playing video games and guitar which isn’t that bad to m but my parents get mad at me because I never go out but they think I have friends. Oh and I don’t share any interests with anyone here and yes I do know that thats a fact.

Is it too late for my finger?…? —

Ok I think my left index finger is dislocated fromthe first joint near the tip…I cannot bend it without the support of my other hand, and sometimes when i’m like playing computer games or guitar, i begin to get irratance.

This has been going on for 6 years…I dislocated it when a peice of glass struck into my finger and ever since then I haven’t been able to bend it properly. I did go to the doctors, and I did get an X-Ray.

But I’m not sure if either the doctor is crap or he’s telling the truth, but what he said was my finger will restore back as it’s growing….?

I think that’s bull****! I haven’t been able to bend it for over half-a-decade and I cannot wait any longer! I am willing to take an operation by all means.

So should I check again and demand a more straight answer or wait another few years like this?

Advice needed.

Guitar Hero Games: Whats A Good Xbox 360 Game?

I own:
Fable II
Superman returns
Dynasty warriors 5 empires
Guitar hero and have played gears of war 2 ( so no need to tell me about this one)

Please give me details on a game and why you like it.

Guitar Hero Games: Returning A Game To Asda?

Hey guys! This song was newly released on the marketplace so Splync nonzzero and I decided to get it! it costs 160 msp to get it, blah blah blah, Dogmatic was going to get it I think but we already were halfway through the song so eh whatever. Maybe he might do it later and I won’t suck it up on vocals! If I do it that is, I’ve been playing rhythm games far too often lately. So this is the last one for a little. Wow I uploaded like, 12 videos last night lolwut Now the is the RBN MIX, NOT THE ORIGINAL, let me repeat… NOT THE ORIGINAL it was rerecorded with new everything. Neither Splynjc nor nonzzero liked it very much but after a little, it actually came to grow on me, and the new parts weren’t terrible. The intro guitar and it’s loudness pretty much lazered my face off when we started to play and I was like oshit Of course I’m voxtarring this and just so happens to be a sightread for all of us so a lot of the parts that are different (believe me, they are quite different) caught me off guard. But not too bad at all, especially with the weird pitch changes. Also, happy 1000 subscribers and 300th video!! I should have around 600 videos and 4000ish subscribers over my youtube career. As myself of course 😉 I used to have this other account I went under quite anonymously, but that only got like 200 subscribers so I don’t really count it anyway, enjoy! also, this song was the FUCKING SHIT back in seventh grade. Which would be roughly five years ago for me. lessthanthree it

i bought guitar hero WoR hoping that i could play guitar with controller like GH 3 however i found out you cannot…can i return this game to asda even tho its open..thanks!

im within the 28 guarantee thing

Guitar Hero Games: What To Get For Christmas?

Hey I am wondering what to get for christmas i have got 11 things so far but need more.

I have an xbox 360 and mostly wat games but other suggestions will be fine oh and.

i already have:

fable 2
mass effect
smackdown v raw 2009

and im getting:
smackdown vs raw 2010
gears of war 2
ufc undiputed 2010
dead rising
guitar hero 3
cod mw2
left for dead 2

so dont say any of them thanks and by the way DONT BUY OBLIVION I HAVE IT IT IS RUBBISH but fallout 3 is awsome