Guitar Lessons: Is Being Famous All It Cracked Up To Be? will get you a complete 12-part video course of slap bass lessons for just .95 USD. This slap bass lesson is both for absolute beginner slap bass players and those who require some reviewing of their rudiments. You can subscribe to a complete course of “regular” progressive online bass guitar lessons at where you get two lessons per week delivered to your inbox.

I’ve been having a few regrets lately now that I’ve seen how far One Direction have come, and how great they are after being on The X Factor .I’m 16, I love singing, and I play guitar too. I used to have lessons in singing, drama and dance but I stopped after it became too expensive. I have also been to a record label, and done an interview before on their request. Something about how serious it all became once I was at the label, scared me as I was only 14, so I didn’t take them up on their offer after the interview. Now, I’m thinking of the ‘what-ifs’ I don’t want to be famous really, but I just love singing so much, and performing makes me happy and gives me a rush. Should I just practice, and keep it as a hobby?
Thanks! :)

Guitar Songs: How Hard Is It Too Learn Guitar?

Facebook: Twitter: MySpace: Website: A contemporary folk music group from Peshawar, having initially formed the band in 2008, Yasir Rehman and Jawad Iqbal added a third musician to the Y&J band in 2010, Abdul Wali Orakzai . With Yasir on the traditional instrument, the Rubaab, Jawad on Rhythm Guitar and Wali as lead vocalist, the band recently recorded a single, yet to be released with Zeeshan Parwez of Zeepar Studios. The band has enjoyed developing compositions and structures with the Uth Records and team and to this end, Yasir, Jawad and Wali have said “It was our first experience working with such great artists of Pakistan. They are highly talented and really hard working. In fact recording was a tough procedure as they pushed us to strive for perfection which transformed our simple melody into something exceptional”. Traditional Pashto folk melodies with a contemporary feel are to be expected from this dynamic trio, on the Uth Records stage.

I’m thinking about buying one of those beginner guitar packages on ebay because I wanna start learning. You get a guitar, amp, beginner guide/booklet and dvd, some tabs for beginner songs and some other things. Not sure if I should though. Would that be it to get me started?

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Will Gamestation Give Me For My Xbox 360 Elite?

Over 1.25 million app downloads! For more videos on DJ Hero 2 go to DJ hero 2 Playlist: out these related Mahalo Video Game Walkthroughs: Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Walkthrough: Front Mission Evolved Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Halo: Reach Walkthrough: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough: Shank Walkthrough: Metroid: Other M Walkthrough: Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough: Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough: StarCraft 2 Walkthrough: Check out these Mahalo How-To Playlists: How To Use iPhone 4 How To Use The Droid Phone How To Use the Top Droid Apps How To Use Twitter How To Use Windows 7 How To Play FarmVille How To Maintain and Optimize Your Computer How To Start a Blog How To Play We Rule on the iPad How To Flirt

OK so here is the deal, I have a Xbox 360 elite (perfect condition) with 13 games and I am wondering how much gamestation will give me (cash)? I need money for other more important things. Thanks

Saints Row 3,
Battlefield 3,
Fifa 12,
Dead Island,
Borderlands (with add-on pack),
Guitar Hero- Warriors of rock (with band set. Guitar, drums. mic)
Motogp 07,
Grand Theft Auto IV,
COD 3,
Assassins Creed
I also have Xbox Kinect with games

Guitar Lessons: I Suck At Everything I Do.?

Richie Kotzen Guitar Lesson – Young guitar 2007

I mean literally everything I’ve ever tried. I got bullied from been 11 til about 14 which has made me loose confidence in myself, probaby making everything harder as I lost confidence in myself because of them. I’ve tried sports; I failed. Academically, I was average. I don’t have a lot of friends but I don’t care too much about that. I love music but I’ve never sang in my life. If I open my mouth to sing nothing comes out which shows I’d be no good as a singer (Even though thats what I’d love to do more than anything). I’ve tried Guitar and piano in my music lessons but thats back when I was depressed about the fact I couldn’t do anything without someone insulting me so I didn’t bother trying. I’m not confident in talking to people so getting a job is going to be hard. I don’t want to see a doctor about depression or tell anybody about how I feel cause then I would basically be admitting how pathetic I am. I thought about suicide but realised it’s poitnless but I have to ask what the point in life is if I have nothing and no one? Is the point of my life to suck at everything and just constantly be in pain?
I’ve tried gaming. Yet again I was average.
It is pathetic though cause my family will start to feel sorry for me, treat me like a 8 year old which in turn would make me feel pathetic.

Can you learn how to sing…?

I sing a lot around the house & in the shower etc. Once at school I sang as Danny from Grease in a performance… I can sing quite deep for fun, but in general, I’m really not a very good singer. I don’t have enough money to afford singing lessons and things but I’d really like to learn to sing. I play piano and guitar and I love to act on stage and things so it’d be a really useful thing to learn. Is it possible to learn to sing without spending heap loads of money on it?

Help ! with song writing. “/?

I want to start writing a song.
But my problem is that i cant play guitar yet, or keyboard. Or any musical instrument.
I have a guitar, but cant play it :L Cant get lessons either, because i take expensive singing lesssons.
What shall i do about the fact that i want to write a song but need something to help me with the tune.
How can i learn the basics of guitar?!

Sorry , loads of questions in one there ! :L

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would My Wii Be Worth?

wii system, 4 controlers, 2 nunchucks, 4 grips(1 for nunchuck), rockband(whole set), guitar hero(guitar included), mario galaxy, rapala fishing, wii sport, wii play, rockband trackpack 1, and a few more, classic controler, 5 games on console(donkey kong 64, donkey kong, punch out, star fox, zelda ocarina of time), internet channel, check me out channel, stock wii stand, lightup neon with intercooler fan stand.

Guitar Lessons: Sixth Form Or No Sixth Form?

I am studying two Btec’s at sixth form, Music and Performing arts. All I want to do is sing and I am seriously unmotivated on my assignments due to the fact that I am now so behind on them. I would like to carry on but im just really behind.

I thought that wanting to go into the music industry i need experience, not grades! I do singing lessons and I play the guitar, i also write songs!!

I just haven’t got any time to write them anymore and i have no time to get gigs, I can get ucas points from singing and guitar grades and If i get noticed or anything i can say that i have lots of experience!!

If i left sixth form i will get all that done, record a demo, travel to london, work with producers etc. Surely that has got to be better for my career???:)

Also my dad owns a recruitment company so if everything fails i still wont need proper eduction, i will 100% be able to take that over in good time:) (He earns a really good wage) soooooo
Whats to loose??

Tbh, i really need some advice! could you give me your opinion??
Bring me back to reality??
Thank you!!:) x

What’s a reasonable value of a Takamine F307S acoustic guitar in good condition about 20 years old?

FOURTUNATE singing their rendition of 1+1. Huge fans of Beyonce, what more can be said about her, she’s the queen of RnB. This vid is dedicated to our beautiful fans in Hawaii who we had promised a shout out to. And yes we would love to come to Hawaii, Honolulu to be more specific for a fan jam. Secondly to our fam The Request Dance Crew, thanks for the love. Check them out on Check out our facebook page Check out our home studio page at Revolutions Gym in St Marys This gym is awesome! You’ll catch us in the dance studio practicing/rehearsing every day of the week between around 12 – 4pm. After that we’re usually training doing cardio or weights etc. Best gym around! Hope you enjoy our cover. Peace and love.

Guitar Chords: Guitar/Music Fans: What Chord Is EADGBE?

Trust In Jesus

It’s the open strings of a guitar, it’s supposed to be a chord but I can’t work it out!
It’s not a song, that really is the question.
I don’t think it’s a chord at all but it’s a question that my teacher has asked us!
Guys you’re not getting me, I know it’s the strings in order of the guitar I want to know if it’s an actual chord like C major for a blatant example lol

Guitar Lessons: Any Advice On Guitars?

Im a fifteen-year-old girl who likes all kind of music, and I’ve been wanting to start the guitar for a while now, but I don’t know which one to take up? Does anyone have any advice to help me make a decision?

If I do take it up, is it easy to teach yourself or would you have to pay for lessons? Cause our family can’t afford too much…

Or shall I forget the idea completely?

Guitar Chords: How To Learn Fingerstyle On Guitar :)?

© 2009 WMG Yesterday [feat. Trey Songz] (Video)

Hiya, my last question asked if i should learn fingerstyle or strumming. After reading all your answers i decided fingerstyle felt and sounded best for me :). Now i’m wondering how i would learn fingerstyle.
I’m hoping to be self taught (yes, i know, asking you guys isn’t SELF taught :P) so i’m really confused about how to start. Are there any videos on how to start? Are the chords any different? I’m super confused! 😀
Also could you guys give me an order on which learn things? Thanks!

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Do You Think I Can Get For An Xbox 360 Arcade And Some Other Accessories?

Ok so I have an old Xbox 360 Arcade, everything works fine, it’s just that if there’s no disc in the driver you’ll have to keep pushing the button to open, and I also have a 14 gb hard drive I believe and a whit control and a black Xbox elite control, Battlefield 3 ( with both discs) the following games I have don’t have cases but work perfectly fine: Sega Superstars Tennis, F.E.A.R, The Outfit, PGR3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Street Fighter IV, Lego Batman, Pure, Surf’s Up, and I Guitar Hero World Tour ( Original Guitar And Drums & microphone.
And kind of good estimates are appreciated. Thanks :)

Best Acoustic Guitar: Redesigning My Acoustic Guitar, Any Tips?

So i have a beginners guitar (nylon string) that i want to sort of do up and make my own.. in very good condition.. Thinking i wanna paint it up abit, put some new string on it. Also this may be a dumb question but can you put steel string on a nylon sting guitar?? Thanks Peeople :)

How much would i get from gamestop if…..?

i traded in my xbox 360 and the following games…. bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2,Dragon Age:origins, Gears of war, Fable 3, guitar hero 3, Deadrising, CoD:Modern Warfare, CoD:Modern Warfare2, CoD:WaW, CoD:Black Ops… I was just wondering because microsoft sucks so bad… -.-.. all the games work. and they 360 works, it has a 60gb hard drive, a 360 skin, and 3 controllers, with 2 of the 3 in controller skins. The 360 is an ARCADE
well to be honest, and game place really, i don’t care as long as i get enough for a Ps3 and my xbox isnt in mine anymore.

Guitar Hero Games: Selling Xbox 360 Elite?

OK so I’m selling my Xbox 360 elite with games and I was wondering how much I would get, need money for more important things. The Xbox is in mint condition, working perfectly with all cables:
Saints Row 3,
Battlefield 3,
Dead Island,
Borderlands (with add-on pack),
Guitar Hero- Warriors of rock (with band set. Guitar, drums. mic)
Motogp 07,
Grand Theft Auto IV,
COD 3,
Assassins Creed
Wireless adapter
wireless controller
GPX headset (great quality)

I’m considering a drum kit for xmas- But i’ve never played the drums.? This is how I play with a vibrato. Includes bending and using vibrato on chords. Facebook Page

I was considering having drumming lessons. You see i’ve done guitar. It wasnt for me, I got no where. I was considering drums because I like the sound of it, and I like to tap the table etc,.

Eventually If i was good enough i’d try and get into a band. By the way, i’m female.

Any feedback? thanks.

Guitar Songs: Simple Green Day Songs To Play On Guitar?

Heaven and Hell – Heaven and Hell Live at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City March 30, 2007 RIP Ronnie James Dio Metalrocker77 – Ronnie James Dio — lead vocals (2006–2010) – Tony Iommi — guitar (2006–2010) – Geezer Butler — bass (2006–2010) – Vinny Appice — drums (2006–2010)

I know they’re mostly 3 chords (because Green Day are awesome like that), but I can’t find accurate tabs and/or the strumming patterns. I’m terrible at picking out the strumming patterns because each time I listen to a song I end up singing it instead of listening to the background.

I can already play:

Good Riddance
Brain Stew
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I like all of their songs, ‘new’ and ‘old’. I’m not a creep who only likes ‘one’. There’s no new or old, there’s just Green Day.

So if you know any simple Green Day songs, please could you say and put the chords/tab/link down? Thanks!

BQ: Favourite Green Day song?

BQ2: Favourite Green Day album?
Holly: Thanks! I’m learning Walking Contradiction; one of my favourite Green Day songs ever, as we speak! And I love every song they’ve ever made, and find it hard to choose as well. I own a few of their albums; I want them all! (I have International Superhits, American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown, Awesome as F**k)

Guitar Hero Games: What Amount Of Money Should I Get For This 360 Bundle,?

GAME: DJ Hero 2 PLAYER: Kr1st0ph_212 [PSN] TROPHY: None DESCRIPTION: The final mix you unlock from the Ibiza: Encore set, this is a “Human After All” 100% hits without using Euphoria or Rewinds. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Q: What deck are you using? Is it a Power Deck? A: I’m not using any Power Deck here, just the regular Xfer deck without any gameplay enhancers. Q: You missed a hold. Does that contribute to the 100%? A: It only does if you hit the note initially – the rest of the note being held down doesn’t count toward the combo and just gives points. Q: Can I have a game with you sometime? I think I’m pretty good at DJ Hero. A: Sure you can. Add me [Kr1st0ph_212] on PSN and ask to play DJ Hero, and we’ll have a game. Just refrain from bombarding me with messages please. :) ——————————————————————————— SUBSCRIBE! We’ll strive to put up new guides as often as possible, so feel free to hit subscribe!

Xbox Elite
120GB Hard DRIVE
2 Wireless controllers
1 Black
1 White
One Play and Charge Kit.

1 Wired Controller (White)


Xbox LIVE arcade CD











Forza motorsport 2



I Would also know what store / site you would reccommend

Best Acoustic Guitar: How Long Does It Take For The Average Person To Learn To Play Guitar?

Okay so I have just bought an acoustic guitar, I am starting lessons in a few days at a preforming arts school, I will go there probably once a week to start with, how long do you think it will take me to learn a song – like in weeks ? As i just want to estimate so i can look forward to it, thanks x x

How to play “I know you by heart” By Eva Cassidy on the Guitar? Kathleen Edwards performs the lead single ‘Soft Place to Land’ from her new album ‘Voyageur’ for a special private show in CBC’s Studio 211.

I went online to find this out and found this website:

But my music theory is really really bad, so what exactly does that mean?
I can play the chords and all that, I’m just not used to it being presented in that manner.
When am i supposed to play that first G chord, and when do i play what strings :S