Guitar Lessons: Any Ideas For Songs That I Could Play..?

I’ve been playing guitar for a while; it’s been about two years now. At the end of every lesson, my guitar teacher always asks me if there are any songs that I would like to learn, but I really don’t know what to tell him, because I think the songs I like would probably be a little too advanced for me to play.

I like mostly rock and metal bands, like Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold, etc. The only thing is, I’m not sure I’d be able to play some of that stuff just yet, because the solos can be kinda tricky.

The best things that I have been able to play all the way through, so far, have been Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold, and Hand of Blood by Bullet For My Valentine.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Guitar Chords: How Do I Play This Song On Guitar Or Piano?

Click show more để hiện hợp âm và TAB Suy nghĩ trong anh – Khắc Việt Cứ qua thêm một (C) ngày mới biết thế nào là (G) yêu. Một ngày trôi qua vội (Am) vã nhưng trong anh rất nhiều (Em) điều. Những suy nghĩ trong (F) anh, cứ lớn lên từng (C) phút, Cứ lớn theo từng ngày (Dm) khi anh được ấm áp bên (G) em. Những suy nghĩ trong (C) anh, giờ đã chia làm (G) hai. Một nửa trong anh từng (Am) nghĩ chúng ta sẽ bên nhau trọn (Em) đời. Nhưng nếu lỡ một (F) ngày, em nói lời (C)chia tay. Anh (Dm) sẽ thế nào đây, anh (G) sống thế nào đây. Hãy để cho anh được (C) yêu, yêu em trong từng suy (G) nghĩ. Dù là tương tư (Am) thôi nhưng anh cũng thấy vui (Em) rồi. Đừng nói chi em (F) ơi, tình yêu ko cần (C) nói. Chỉ cần cảm nhận (Dm) thôi, anh nghĩ cũng (G) đủ rồi. Nhiều khi anh từng (C) mơ, ngồi 1 mình cười ngẩn (G) ngơ. Chúng ta sẽ được (Am) sống trong ngôi nhà đầy trẻ (Em) thơ. Có khó không em (F) ơi, nếu giấc mơ này xa (C) xôi. Thì anh (Dm) xin được giữ giấc mơ đó, ở (G) trong suy nghĩ anh mà (C) thôi. Về cách đệm điệu surf: TAB Gp5 Chúc các bạn tập vui vẻ Smiley

The song is ‘almost nearly there’ by the boo radleys,

It was a b-side to the single From the Bench at Belvedere which wasn’t on any of there albums.

Any way Almost nearly there. I’d love to be able to play it but what are the Chords. Maximum points for any answers that get close.

thanks in advance

Guitar Songs: Anyone Know A Computer Programme That Plays Guitar Tabs?

I’m trying to write a song and the output jack on my guitar doesn’t work. The song uses two guitars and I have no-one else with me so I was wondering if anyone knew a programme that could play the other part for me if I entered the tab. I would record the other part but as I said my output isn’t working. Any ideas?

Guitar Lessons: How Can I Get My Friend To Return My Property? A random, yet massive barrage of blues bass tips. Feeling the rhythm, locking in w the drummer, scale patterns that will make your bass lines juicy, passing tones, blues bass solo patterns. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

I’m 16, just about to finish year 11, and i’m tying up loose ends. A couple of months ago i let my friend borrow my bass guitar while he was getting lessons and until he could buy his own bass guitar. It has been 5 months now, he bought his bass and now I want mine back, but whenever I ask him to bring it back in for me he keeps telling me that he sold it! This has been going on for the past month now and i’m fed up with this lame excuse! I dont think he sold it, but this is still refusing to return my property. Is there anythingI can do to force him to give it back?

Guitar Hero Games: Connecting My PS2 To My PC?

Rehearsal for the MMB’s “Guitar Hero” show performed at the Notre Dame game on September 15, 2007. This is the first half of the opener featuring Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” The arrangement is by former MMB director Jamie Nix.

Me and my boyfriend have just bought a slimline PS2, with both versions of guitar hero. We did intend to play the game through our PC monitor. We looked up what cables we’d need (S-Video apparently) and went into town armed with our credit cards.
We got home, set the system up and after a few hiccups with the wires got everything connected. Now we have a problem…
How do we get the monitor to ‘look at’ the PS2 and not the PC? Is there some kind of software? We’re really confused, and I want to play guitar hero :( lol

Any help would be grately appreciated!

Oh, i forgot to mention, we use an Nvidia 7900 (i think the numbers are right!) and we have two cards set up in our pc.

Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know A Song With Indian/asian Chanting With Heavy Guitar And Feedback In The Background?

I heard a song on the radio last night that had what sounded like classical eastern chanting and it had loud guitar feedback in the background. I tried listening to the woman on the radio when she said the name at the end but it wasn’t quite loud enough, it something like Hepcock Capy though…

Guitar Songs: What Are Some Good Po Songs For Beginner Guitarists?

Didn’t think a latin groove could be bluesy now did ya? This song is the piano rendition of Samba Blues, a song written by Kayla Dartan in my first novel, Raylorian Dawn. ——————

My guitar teacher asked me to write a list of songs I’d like to play but I don’t know which would be suitable for my level. I’ve only been playing about 12 weeks. Any new pop songs would be good? Or just some well-known ones. Thanks!
I can play so far:
Black Eyed Peas: I Got a Feeling
Bruno Mars: Grenade
Smashing Pumpkins: Disarm

Guitar Lessons: What Amp Should I Get?

well about 3 years ago mu mum bought me an encore guitar and a little practise amp i still hae that guitar but because im taking lessons and moving up grades quite quickly * 3 grades in 1 year* she getting me a gibson lespaul honeyburst guitar but i want a new amp

i was something cheap but load clean about 5w that plugs into mains power and can have fx pedals hooked up to it i actualy have my eye on the kirk hammet wah pedal

well what amp ? i really want oner around £300 or less but i would consider going up to 400

only recomend makes and modles btw im not buying second hand stuff of anyone

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Money Would I Get On Ebay For This?

well what im selling on ebay is: nintendo ds lite(boxed)
2.guitar hero on tour(boxed)
3.action replay(cheat device) for nintendo ds(boxed)
4. four game boy advance games.(pokemon fire red).(sonic advance 3).(pacman collection).(pirates of the carribbean dead mans chest.)i have no cases for them.

also a few accesories for the ds e.g case, emergancy charger.

so how much do you think i would get there all mint condition.

no silly question’s!

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would I Get For This On Ebay?

well what im selling on ebay is: nintendo ds lite(boxed)
2.guitar hero on tour(boxed)
3.action replay(cheat device) for nintendo ds(boxed)
4. four game boy advance games.(pokemon fire red).(sonic advance 3).(pacman collection).(pirates of the carribbean dead mans chest.)i have no cases for them.
5.nintendo gamecube 2 controllers and 6 games and 2 memory card’s!

also a few accesories for the ds e.g case, emergancy charger.

so how much do you think i would get there all mint condition.

no silly question’s!
lolz silly answers are exepted but no silly questions even though ur answerin not questinin

Guitar Lessons: Persue A Career In Acting?

more blues lessons How to Play “Lenny” by SRV – Stevie Ray Vaughan – Fender Stratocaster marty schwartz guitarjamzdotcom guitarjamz martyzsongs youcanlearnguitar texas blues guitar lessons cover gibson electric amp guitars boss strat pedal game bass custom esp telecaster line metal ltd “guitar cover” distortion standard demo boogie vintage mesa peavey delay roland improvisation hendrix “stevie ray” tube spider classic line6 duncan amplifier amps “ray vaughan”

I thought i wanted to be a musician, i play guitar and i sing and have been playing the guitar for 4 years with lessons and singing for 2 without lessons but i just don’t think im good enough so then i changed interests and thought i wanted to be a director/producer and started a btec course in media at the brit school for performing arts and technology but I’ve recently started to gain an interest in acting, and i think i want to take it as far as I can, I’ve been acting for long as I can remember but have only acted in small performances when I was in primary school, I’m now 15 but haven’t done any performances since, I was thinking of auditioning for a place in the national theatre which is an acting group and then eventually (after doing alot of performances) finding an agent but I’m not to sure if this is the right path to choose, please help me?!?

Guitar Hero Games: What Is A Good Present For A 14 Year Old Boy?

Okay this is a present for me but i honestly don’t know what i want, I have read other posts on this subject but they basically say video games and tech stuff ect. But the problem with those is I’m not that nerdy, the only games i have gotten this year was Borderlands & skyrim, i dont really want any other games. so are there any other ideas for presents i could use

More information:
My dad is a musician so i have a guitar and use his amp and other guitars ect.
I have a Gym in my backyard
I have some sporting stuff but I don’t use it often
I have an Xbox 360 (with kinect), a ps3 (with guitar hero), and iPhone (old version but i don’t care)
I don’t really want to just get money
I do have a girlfriend (I don’t know how that will help)
I have a mac (but i don’t really want a laptop or anything else)
My mums a hairdresser (we have our own salon)
We have a spa (cant get a pool)
Maybe some present that will benefit my family (most of my family is older than me) or at least my girlfriend
So there you go, good luck with that one :)

Guitar Lessons: How Do I Say No To My Auntie?

Musicians Institute and Guitar World bring you a series of guitar lessons with some of the top guitar instructors around. In this video, blues master Keith Wyatt gives a lesson on Fills.

i want to buy a really good quality guitar with steel strings. My auntie has offered me me cousins old one but i have a feeling that its not steel strings and old guitars that are not top quality break more easily how do i say no. I dont want to sound ungrateful and that i dot want an old guitar. I know its not a very good one because my cousin never enjoyed it and stopped years and years ago. The guitar i want is perfect and i could take it too my grave. I’m serious about the guitar and am getting basic lessons.
How do i say no kindly and seem grateful
i already have an old not so good quality guitar to practise on and i know compared to the guitar i want its not as good for the music i want to play (country-taylor swift)

Guitar Chords: How Can I Become A Better Guitar Player ?

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i cant move my fingers fast enough to other frets ive been playing the guitar for 6 months now i no the chords but i cant move my fingers to different chords fast enough

Guitar Lessons: Can You Learn To Sing?

I can play the piano and i am currently learning to play the guitar. I don’t have the worst voice in the world and i feel like i need the voice to go with playing the guitar. Is there anyway of improving my voice so that it’s at a good standard and people will want to listen to it without having singing lessons?

Guitar Hero Games: Trading Wii For Playstation 3 Help Plz?

ok i’m of to game station to see how much i can get in money/ or how much i can get taken of a new playstaion3. I have

Wii with 2 remotes and docking station to charge battery.
i’m getting a new wii fit for x mas still in box
guitar hero world tour with guitar
harry potter 5
animal crossing
the sims

how much will that trade for?
i’m getting rid of my wii because the games are crap, i cant find any goof games the wii games for mostly for partys and young children games

Guitar Hero Games: Where Are All The Great Wii Titles?

En este video enseñaré a darle mejor rendimiento a nuestro guitar hero 3 pc, ponerle fondo negro, quitar animaciones, en conclusion dejar funmcionando perfectamente nuestro gh3, lo recomiendo a esas personas que tienen problemas con el juego, con esto se solucionarán todos aquellos de rendimiento …. no necesitas una buena PC para que te ande bien: AHORA LOS LINKS: Guitar Hero III 1.31 Crack or GH3 1.31 Patch: Guitar Hero Three Contol Panel (GHTCP): 3D Analyze: Espero haber ayudado Saludos desde COLOMBIA ….

I love adventure, action and platform games. I love playing my Wii. I know the Wii is family orientated and multiplayer but still, as a games console, you need to have a range of games suitable for all interests. On any games console in the past I have always found games to play easily. Nowadays, I go to the game shops and can’t find a SINGLE game I want to buy 😐

I have Mario Galaxy 1+2, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Metroid, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zak and Wiki, Tomb Raider Underworld + Anniversary, Resident Evil 4, Prince of Persia, Guitar Hero, De Blob and Okami. I have a few other “throwaway” titles like Super Monkey Ball.

I have completed all these games and now have nothing to play. Are they the only decent Wii games out there? I am trying to 100% these games out of boredom but would love to have a new game. I’m looking forward to Donkey Kong, Kirby and the new Zelda. Where are the good games? Can anyone suggest one for me?

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Say This Lot Was Worth?

I’m considering selling my Wii.

I’ve had it for a couple of years, I haven’t really played it that much, as I never really have the time, or just don’t feel like it. Its in very good condition imo.

I have the white console, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 3 legends of rock, mario kart with 2 wheels, 2 controllers, wii fit balance board and software, wii fit plus, super mario smash bros brawl, snowboarding game, wii sports, wii play, super paper mario, mario galaxy, sonic and mario olympic games, wacky races – and i’m sure theres a few more games i have, can’t remember them exactly now

how much (as a rough guess) do you think i would get for this lot? and would it be best to sell it to game/gamestation or through ebay?

thanks for all answers
ps. in the UK! :)

Guitar Chords: How To Do Mixed Chords As G/B Or Else ?

I’m a half-beginner at playing guitar and I have come through a couple of these chords. I can’t find anywhere something explaining how it is made. Any help ?
Ok … But for the G and B I use, it is:


If I understand well (and I looked with the link), i should find a variation of both that fit, here on the 7th position.