Guitar Chords: My Electric Guitar Buzzes Constantly?

So if you hear the siren in the background… that’s cause i’m a firm believer in the first take (mostly cause i’m too lazy to do a second one) and my apartment is down the street from the fire department!!! I added some harmonies to the chorus on this one, hope you like it!! Want the mp3? it’s free :) Check out my music here: http Filming by Kerry :)

Whenever i play my guitar or if i leave it plugged in, there is really loud buzzing noise coming through the speakers, it is there all the time even when im playing. I’m not a beginner guitarist so i know its not me buzzing on the chords

My guitar is Fender Telecaster

I use v-amp 2 guitar pod and if i turn the noise gate down to -48 db it stops it at the cost of a rubbish sounding guitar.

Is it my guitar and how do i stop it?

I don’t have another amp unfortunatly

It doesn’t stop humming when i touch metal, it reduces it a little but when i move around the room it sometimes stops

Guitar Games: What Can I Get For Christmas 2011?

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I’m 14, i have some cool stuff:
An iPhone, a MacBook, a cool tv, 2 guitars, Bluetooth headphones, apple tv, wii (i’m not interested in video games)
I like music, specially I like green day.

Guitar Lessons: Reasons Why Guitars Are Better Than Women?

1. A guitar has a volume knob
2. If you break a guitar’s G-string, it only costs $ .79 for a new one
3. You can make a guitar scream as loud as you want it to
4. You can unplug a guitar
5. You can finger a guitar for hours without it complaining it wants more
6. Other people can play your guitar without it getting upset
7. You can finger a guitar in public and get applause, not arrested
8. You can have a guitar any color you want and no one will care
9. You can make your guitar as tight as you want it just by turning a peg.
10. If your guitar doesn’t make sounds you like, you can return it
11. You can use four fingers at a time on a guitar
12. If your guitar strings are too heavy, you can just get a lighter set
13. You can have a guitar professionally adjusted to *your* liking
14. If you scratch a guitar’s back, it’s unintentional, not required
15. You can go to a guitar shop and play all the guitars you want for free
16. It’s good to have a guitar that’s stretched out.
17. You can take lessons on how to play a guitar without feeling embarrassed.
18. You can rent a guitar without worrying about who rented it before you.
19. You can play the guitar with your bare fingers and no protective covering.
20. You can get rich playing a guitar, not broke.
21. A guitar doesn’t take half of everything you own when you sell it.

Best Acoustic Guitar: How Do You Know What Size Acoustic Quitar You Would Need? I Want To Teach Myself To Play?

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Im 16 and i really want to learn to play an Acoustic guitar… ive been looking on the internet for a guitar and there all like full size or 3/4 ETC and i was just wondering what sort of one i would need? if anybody knows could they reply to this asap? thank you!

Left handed guitarist…?

Do you think I should buy a right-handed guitar and play it upside down OR get a left-handed guitar? I’m getting lessons soon and was wondering which one would be best for me in the lessons and in the future. Thanks

Guitar Chords: Easy Songs To Play On Electric Guitar?

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Hey I’m a beginner at playing the electric guitar. (I do pay accoustic). But I need some easy, but nice songs to play to begin with it. Rock songs would be ideal. If you can send me a link for the chords used it will be much appreciated! Thanks

Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know How Many Songs You Will Get On Guitar Hero Aerosmith On Xbox 360 I Cant Find Anything Thanks?

Music video by Miguel performing All I Want Is You. (C) 2010 JIVE Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

guitar hero aerosmith info ???

Guitar Hero; WT. Can’t play downloaded songs while offline.?

Why won’t it allow me to play the songs i’ve downloaded while being disconnected from XBL?

Guitar Chords: How Would You Name This Chord ? (for Guitar Players)?

Its in A major , 1st 7th invention , it goes like that : D,F,A,B how would you name it ??

Guitar Chords: Guitar To Ukelele Transposition?

Fire With Fire is the first single from Scissor Sisters’ amazing new album, Night Work. The single is out on June 20, with the album released on June 28. More info at

Does anyone know how I can transpose a song for guitar onto a ukulele? Do I just play the same chords as on the guitar or do they need to be changed in some way?

Guitar Lessons: Beginners Guitarist Help!?

Michael Angelo Batio performs “No Boundaries” from his DVD guitar lesson “Speed Kills”. “Speed Kills” is available at

This hard to explain but ive started taking online beginners lessons for my acoustic guitar
but the bottom two (the thin silver ones) dont make a noise when i press down even slightly on the strings on the neck of the guitar. No vibration or anything just a dull ping.

it makes a noise if i dont hold it down on the neck

Guitar Lessons: Please Help Me On How To Sing?

This video is bonus content related to the November 2011 issue of Guitar World. For full print reviews, lesson tabs and more, look for the November 2011 issue of Guitar World on newsstands now, or purchase this issue in our online store here: In this video series, Trivium guitarists Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu show you how to play the songs “Inception of the End,” “Built To Fall” and “Forsake Not the Dream” from the band’s new album, In Waves. This video is the fourth of the series, showcasing parts from the song “Forsake Not the Dream”

For my music class, i need to play guitar & sing at the same time but i can’t sing, so anybody got any good tips to help singing?
Oh i can’t go to singing lessons because i can’t afford it . =)

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Is This MASSIVE WII BUNDLE WORTH?

Hope you Enjoy! If you do, THUMBS UP AND FAVORITE! Liking the playthrough? How bout you stay up to date with it! SUBSCRIBE! Let’s Play GTA San Andreas Walkthrough / Playthrough Ep. 11 (PC) W/ Commentary 1. We find this random mission where we have to play Guitar Hero – Car style by using hydraulics in our cars. Pretty amusing but it is fairly hard to beat. I will have to try this mission again. 2. OG LOC – we pick him up from the police station Stay tuned for episode 8.5 to see if I complete the mission this time OR crash into cars again and again.

Wii Console (white) boxed, with all leads
Wii Fit with wii balance board
2 Wii Remotes
Nunchuck controller
Guitar Hero 3 with Wii Guitar
Wii Tenis Rack
Wii Golf Bat
Wii Steering wheel
Wii Baseball Bat
Ratatuile Game
Happy Feet Game
New Super Mario Game
Wii Sports
Wii Play
Rampage Total Destruction
Ant Bully
GT Pro Series
Lego Batman
Console is in very good cond., Very little use
Games without scratches
In £ as this is Y!A UK & IRELAND
10 POINTS (5 STAR) if someone converts them into £, or avaluate it £
£350 sound good, But most of the games when i bought them, they were more expensive

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Is My Nintendo Wii Worth?

I have an Nintendo Wii and i need some cash so im thinking off selling it. It comes with 1 controller and 1 nunchuck and 10 games ( Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Sims 2 Castaway, Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 3, CSI, Rayman Raving Rabbids Tv Party, Wii Fit And Balance Board and MySims….. How Much Could I See It For

Guitar Chords: How Do I Play F#m On Guitar?

Lyrics of Satisfaction-The Rolling Stones anwer the q-estion!

Hi, I taught myself guitar about a year ago and I really enjoy playing it, but I often come across chord patterns I cannot play whatsoever..i don’t understand how to play F (I usually just play F9 instead) or F#m…how can I position my index finger properly and still play the chord? And is there a chord I can play instead of F#minor? Please help

Guitar Songs: While My Guitar Gently Weeps Is Almost The Very Best Beatles Song, Do You Agree?

ニコニコ動画からの転載です。 From niconico douga ■ 作品名 : 初恋学園・純愛科■ Title : Dept.of Pure Love, The Academy of First Love ■ Music & Lyrics : Nem ■ Guitar : [TEST] ■ illustration & Movie : たま■ 歌 : 鏡音リン & レン, GUMI / Vocal : Kagamine Rin & Len, GUMI ←前作 : スーパーヒーロー | ←Previous Song : Super Hero

Almost every version is incredible while other songs the Fab Four did are not as good as the original. I reckon the is the real testament to a song, if it can be covered and sound almost as good as the original or better.

Guitar Hero Games: Gamestation Trade In Prices?

UFOPORNOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s Finnish in case you’re wondering. I really have no clue what it’s from. Its a clip from a TV show. TRANSLATION UP! ladies & gentlemen dear TV watchers we next present you UFOPORNO & … in this time we may see … @ some1’s house & … just before commercial break we present you exceptionally … @ some1’s work place! & welcome back … & 4 the honor of that a real rarity … watched by a shaman! & closing in to the closure of the program … we see … in some1’s car! & now … 4 the honor of ending of the last episode a real exquisite as a matter of fact … watched by a man of Markantalo (dollar store) So yeah… Enjoy?

how much would gamestation or game give me for my new shape xbox 360 250gb, 1 controller, 1 headset, wires and cables and still got box, and 18 games…..

FIFA 11, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Call Of Duty Black Ops, Fallout New Vegas, Assasins Creed 2, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4, Fifa 10, Fallout 3, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, WRC, Guitar Hero World Tour, Forza Motorsport 3, Bully, Guitar Hero 5, Fifa 09, Just Caus 2, Cod Mw 2.
Guitar Hero Guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar: Why Does My Elcetro Acoustic Not Work In My Amp?

I have an Electro acoustic guitar it has 3 wires connected to ouput socket,normal lead wont work on amp,solutions?

Saehan Electro Acoustic with Graphic EQ
Does it need a special type of lead ?

It has a pre amp !