Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know Any Not That Hard Songs For Learning To Pick At A Fast SpeedOn Guitar?


I’m not even grade 1 yet, but i am quite good at guitar, i can play, We Wont Back Down-Escape The Fate, Adams Song-Blink 182, and Ten Miles Wide-Escape The Fate, and i am into music like escape the fate, bullet for my valentine, deaf havana and eyes set to kill.
Does anyone know any songs that i would know that i could learn, that are not that hard but would still help me with my picking Skills ??
I dont know if this even makes sense.
But Thank You In Advance 😀

Guitar Lessons: What Should I Get From My Auntie For Xmas?

My auntie wants to get me a gift for xmas not cash or vouchers, i already have an ipod speaker and biebers perfume on my list for my main buyers. She normally spends around £20 on the older kids like me. I was gonna ask for a scrapbook but i got one on sale the other day. I have my gadgets and don’t need more. For my birthday after xmas I am getting a trip to doctor who experience in london and a trip to liverpool tate museum to see the alice in wonderland stuff along with a own a pony day at the stables.

About me- I love alice in wonderland, drawing anime- not reading it, classic novels, drama, and singing (already have lessons) already have guitar, i also like meerkats and purple and will be getting a dog in feb….

i get books and dvd’s from libarys, I only buy special books. Are the moomin comic strips good?…
what should I ask for from auntie jan?

Guitar Songs: Guitar Song Recommendations? ?

We think it’s fly when bands stop by for the summer (for the summer). Check out LFO’s MySpace to listen to new songs and learn more about their upcoming Reunion Tour, click: See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http

Im an intermediate guitar player give me 10 or more awesome rock or metal songs for me to learn

Best Acoustic Guitar: Which Electro Acoustic Guitar Is Better?

‪Download: Hey guys sorry for the delay but here is Episode 11 of beatmaking wednesdays! We’ve been listening to a lot of The Weeknd and got inspired to do an ambient type r&b track, acoustic vibe! Also we are going to release the Kreayshawn remix we did probably some time this week! so stay tuned and as usual make sure to go grab the stems and full track at Beatport! -Mysto.‬

Which guitar would you go for?


Any help much appreciated

Guitar Songs: Does Any One Know A Website That Shows You The Exact Amp Settings For The Guitar?

The Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert was a benefit concert held in memory of music executive Ahmet Ertegün at The O2 in London on December 10, 2007. Headlined by English rock band, Led Zeppelin, who performed their first full-length concert since the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980. Members: Jimmy Page – Guitar Robert Plant – Voc John Paul Jones – Bass, keyboard Jason Bonham – Drums Songlist: 0. Good Times Bad Times 1. Ramble On 2. Black Dog 3. In My Time of Dying – Honey Bee 4. For Your Life 5. Trampled Under Foot 6. Nobody’s Fault but Mine 7. No Quarter 8. Since I’ve Been Loving You 9. Dazed and Confused 10. Stairway to Heaven 11. The Song Remains the Same 12. Misty Mountain Hop 13. Kashmir Encores: 14. Whole Lotta Love 15. Rock and Roll

I need to know a website that shows you the exact amp settings for the guitar as i want to play specific songs.

Guitar Chords: Bob Dylan/Adele Make You Feel My Love Guitar Tab?

peter tosh – Downpressor man

Does anyone have a link to where i can get a tab for to make you feel my love, either of those two versions, i’ve searched everywhere and can only find chords – i found part on ultinate guitar but no full song

Guitar Hero Games: Help With Starcraft After Dumb Boyfriend Comment?

DCL: Pass: MARCUS666 Para utilizar Guitar Hero Metallica PCMOD necesitas: Sistema operativo: Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 •Requisitos mínimos: “sin fondo animado” * Procesador: 600 MHz * Memoria: 128 MB * Vídeo: 32 MB * DirectX 9.0c •Requisitos recomendados: * Procesador: Dual core athlon o intel equivalente * Memoria: 512 MB * Vídeo: 256 MB * DirectX 9.0c •Requisitos optimos (no lag): * Procesador: core 2 duo, phenom x4 * Memoria: 2 gb * Vídeo: 512 vram en ddr3 * DirectX 11 El juego no es el original, es una version del Frets on fire con el tema de metallica y sus canciones, a mi parecer esta muy bueno, ya que se parece mucho al original, tiene ls mismas canciones. Espero que les guste. Si eres usuario de Taringa, te pido que le dejes puntos a MARCUS666 que es el Autor de este juego, los links no son mios, pero como me agrado el juego decidi compartirlo con ustedes Post de Taringa: Saludos y no olviden Suscribirse =D

Ok, well my boyfriend is a little bit of a geek for the game, and after a talk about it, he came out with this comment “Oh you couldn’t play it because your a girl” then of course awkward silence including a passing by tumbleweed.He tried to recover with “Oh I mean, you wont enjoy it, girls don’t play” even though I could kick his butt at guitar hero and finish FF faster and LOVE strategy and fighting games

so yeah, me being kind of stubborn I have gone and purchased starcraft (just the 1997 version) and I am in the middle of installing it along with the brood war expansion pack to prove I can play just as well as him…

My problem? All I know is it’s a kind of war game ha ha, any advice on to play well would be appreciated. I mean anything I should know about the game at all please feel free to tell me.

Guitar Songs: On Guitar Heroworld Tour, Is There A Place Where You Can Get Free Songs?

EDIT: 7/26/12 – 1000000 HITS! You are all awesome! EDIT: 5/28/12 – 500000 hits! Thanks to the people who let me keep this up. I own no material in the video. Jump to a song here! 1. Honey — 0:00 2. Find My Baby — 3:30 3. Porcelain — 7:32 4. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? — 11:33 5. South Side — 15:57 6. Rushing — 19:49 7. Bodyrock — 22:51 8. Natural Blues — 26:30 9. Machete — 30:43 10. 7 — 34:22 11. Run On — 35:23 12. Down Slow — 39:11 13. If Things Were Perfect — 40:45 14. Everloving — 45:07 15. Inside — 48:28 16. Guitar Flute & String — 53:18 17. The Sky Is Broken — 55:27 18. My Weakness — 59:49

but not ghtunes

Guitar Lessons: How Do Music Grades Work?

I learnt how to play the guitar very well when I was bout 9 or 10, I was called an “amazing natural” by my teacher… but then moved house, never got more lessons and the guitar stayed boxed away. Now I found my guitar and in the past week I have got my guitar out and reminded myself how to play, looking online I could easily pass the grade 4 exam maybe even grade 5! What I am wondering is:
How much is it to take exams?
Where do I go to get exams without having lessons? (I’m in oxford, England.)
Can I just sit my grade 4 without sitting 1 – 3?
What books with tips/help for the grade exams can I use?
Thank you for your help. :)

Guitar Chords: Good Guitar (Acoustic/electric) For A Beginner? -Few Other Questions-?


I’m looking for an easy, fun to play, and not to expensive guitar. I already have a First Act Electric Guitar. I know it isn’t the best brand, but I’m just starting off.Its hurts and is a little tricky to play the chords correctly. If I got an Acoustic would it be smoother to play, and hurt less? Also what brand of Acoustic and/or Electric Guitar is a good/not too expensive guitar?

Thank you. (:

Guitar Hero Games: Music Game For The Wii?

I am looking for a music game for the wii, something like buzz that’s on ps2, or something that we can sing along to then guess the lyrics or something like that. i dont want to make music, so im not interested in guitar hero or anything. Thanks!

Hobbies – any interesting hobbies?


What do people do in their spare time?

I really want to have a hobby as it’s a bit sad that I don’t really have one!

Does anyone do dance classes, language lessons, pottery, play guitar, knitting, singing, walking, etc etc etc??????

*no silly answers please :) x

Guitar Hero Games: Is Dubai A PAL Region?

Well I bought my Wii from the UK so it only plays PAL games. My relative lives in Dubai and I wanted to ask him to buy Guitar Hero:World Tour Guitar Bundle for me for my Wii….Will it work?

I would really really appreciate it if someone living in Dubai or has gone to Dubai to answer this question. THANKS!
Also which shops are good preferably in the Mall of Emirates

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Will I Get If I Sell This Stuff?

Kung-Fu High Impact is a full-body motion fighting adventure that uses Kinect to scan YOU inside the game to fight the baddies with actual kicks and punches. Become the hero, kick some serious ass and control super-human abilities to pummel your enemies into oblivion.
Im selling all this stuff and I wanted to know roughly how much money I would get for it and what the best way to sell it is like in bundles or single and where to sell it.
Thanks :) x
wii, 2 remotes, drum kit for guitar hero, 2 guitars, 1 microphone, charging dock,wii fit board,12 games. Nunchuck. Everything is in good condition.

How do I play ‘Birds’ by Kate Nash on the guitar?

frank zappa dirty love from the over nite sensation album

Btw, I don’t really understand those tabby things ‘:D
But, just the chords wud be gudd
Merci :)