Dear contacts, I’m announcing that I must leave yahoo answers?

I’m gonna go to college, and I’ll be busy, and I have my new life with Ryuuki as an actual adult to sort out =O
I’m gonna become a teacher of English in Japan and I’ll form another band, I’ll never stop playing guitar. I’m gonna give guitar lessons on the side of my teaching. I finally have my life sorted out and I’m not gonna give up.
Remember me, friends, contacts and visual kei family, and I’ll always be here, rocking away in Tokyo 😉

Any last words?
for a casual hi, say ‘ohayo’
おはよう ^_^ it also means good morning.. but its more casual than konnichiwa
Sayonara minasan

Guitar Lessons: Does Anyone Play The Harp? How Did You Learn? Any Advice Welcome Please!?

Backing Tracks: Guitar Lessons: Facebook: Here are the chords and progressions to the classic Beatles song “Let It Be”. Playing along to easy guitar songs is the one of the best ways to learn guitar – have fun doing just that with this backing track software, you can slow down or speed up the tempo and even create your own practice backing tracks.

I have no previous musical knowledge (apart from a few guitar lessons whilst i was a school) but i have decided i would like to learn to play the harp.
I am very serious about this decision and have wanted to for some time but dont really know how to go about it!
I am aware how expensive they are so wouldnt be able to buy one for a long time, do i just find a teacher and use theirs? is it better to hire one? is it difficult to learn? do you need any other equipment other than the obvious, the instrument!? How much can lessons cost? How long realistically can it take to become able to play full length peices?
I know where to look for a teacher but wanted to hear others expeirences first.
I live near Stansted Airport (UK)
Any advice or Personal experiences would be really helpful! thanks :)
Whats the difference between the type with pedals and the type without?

If i do buy, what important points do i need to look out for?

Good idea or bad one? I want to get a loan….?

The complete free lesson with graphics can be found at: Book can be purchased at: Brought to you by

I’m a student and will be starting my second year in September. I’ve decided to get a maintenance loan of about £750 to support the extra activities I’d like to do throughout the year such as driving, guitar lessons and french lessons.

My plan is to work in my holidays to pay it back by the end of next Summer. I also plan to get a part time job during term time so that I can save. The reason for the loan is to remove the financial pressures and be able to enjoy myself and learn new skills.

My mum got really angry and dissappointed when I proposed this to her although all she heard was “get a loan”.

Do I sound irresponsible and lazy or does this sound like a silly plan to you?
It is a student loan.

Guitar Notes: Need A Song For My Friend? SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! and watch my other videos! hey guys this is how to sweep pick hope u enjoy and it helps u

my friend’s graduating this fall. i want to sing a song for her at the farewell party. can’t play guitar and don’t have one. will arrange it somehow but please help me out here. there are only 4 months left to her graduation and i wanna learn a song quickly so i can play and sing it to her in that party. really wanna do this for her cause she knows i don’t play and if i’m going to do this she would feel special :) can u suggest some songs please?
P.S.avoid songs with high notes

Guitar Songs: On Guitar Hero 3, How Are The Songs Ordered?

So much positive feed back from the last pink floyd style track so I thought I would make another one :) This one’s based on “The Great Gig in the Sky” and is in G minor. However, aside from the main section which uses the chords from the song, the rest of the track was written by me. Hope you enjoy it and, as always, I really appreciate all the support and comments! 😀

In Guitar Hero 3, there are 3 play-sets, as anyone out there owning it on a platform with download-able content will know (PS3 or X360).

In the play-sets, how are the songs ordered, like alphabetically, by song title, band, or release date, downloaded date or another way? Ask for more comments on this question if your unsure what I mean. Thanks.
By download date, is that release date on PSN/XBL stores, or the order you download them to you game, for example:

If song A is released before song B, but you download song B first, then song A, in the list is it ordered, song A then song B, or song B then song A?

Acoustic Guitar Songs: Opinions On My Bands First Song?

Off secondhand serenades new album “Hear Me Now” No Copyright Intended. here are the lyrics: I left everything behind me Searching for the strength I thought I Had inside me Left you behind So lonely Praying for the day that you would somehow find me I was young You were wrong But I tried I was strong And the years that I have lost are all I see Hear me now All I can say Is I am not afraid Of the world that I have tried to push away I fight everyday But I am to blame I am not innocent But I am not afraid I lost all the faith Inside me Still I find myself without the will to Free me from you I’m a slave Unhappy Wanting oh so much for you to someday See me Tell me how I want to Say it loud I need you To be the one who catches all my dreams Hear me now All I can say Is I am not afraid Of the world that I have tried to push away I fight everyday But I am to blame I am not innocent But I am not afraid Anymore I am not afraid Anymore I’m tired of sleeping Alone I’ve been grieving The life that I gave up to feel alive I want to feel alive I’m not afraid anymore I’m not afraid anymore I want to feel alive I want to feel alive I want to feel, I need to feel I want to feel alive Hold on tight Let’s make this right Take me, make me Feel alive tonight

we are a new two man acoustic band from London Bring The Colours and we have written our first song which is called ‘Copper Stars’ we would love it if you could give us some feedback, if you like it or not we would be really grateful the link to our song is below. also the guitars overpower the vocals a little bit so i have put the lyrics in the description :)

its a slim chance you will but if you really like it, PLEASE share on your facebook because we really need your help and words could not describe how grateful we’d be thanks :) x

Guitar Songs: Songs Either Like The Trooper By Iron Maiden Or With Kickass Guitar?

guitar help… need answers?

Ok so basically i just asked about a guitar choice and one of my inspirations uses this guitar, it is affordable and looks very nice, but i want to ask if it is suitable for a newcomer, i have NO experience from before, like know nothing

If your wondering how i have money to spend, im not rich, i just play fifa 12 on the xbox 360 and ps3 and used virgin gaming and made around 4000 off it, so i want a good guitar, i have a lot of time to try and learn just need to know….

I’m 14 and wrote this song, what do you think of the lyrics?

Hiya Y!A. I cannot upload a video so let us just give brief notes. I tried purposely not to rhyme as I feel it detaches from the true meaning and strong emotion. This is not a rap. This is in no way ment to be really sad, it is ment to give hope to those suffering. This is in no way proffesional so don’t be to mean! But please let me know what you think I will sing it, maybe suggest guitar chords as well? Thanks:
A wanderers mind.

Sunshine, brightskies,
Holding on to what I believe in,
Prison cells, light fading twilight,
Where did I go wrong?
I said words, that no one heard,
The tears and screams are silent,
The pretty lies, the ugly truth,
Perfect imperfections.

Trailing the road I left behind,
I want to take the right path this time, this time…

I don’t need you to tell me right from wrong,
I learnt that years ago,
I don’t need support from everyone,
I need just someone by my side,
I don’t want this frustration,
All the eyes on what I’m doing,
I can’t ignore, anymore.

I hear the words that people say,
Don’t even care, I know them anyway,
Behind my back or to my face,
I don’t know who I am,
What do I mean, I’m wasting time,
I’ll make my way back to that place,
The place in my dreams, a waterfall,
Somewhere that makes me inocent.

Trailing the road I left behind,
I want to take the right path this time, this time…

I don’t need you to tell me right from wrong,
I learnt that years ago,
I don’t need support from everyone,
I need just someone by my side,
I don’t want this frustration,
All the eyes on what I’m doing,
I can’t ignore, anymore.

I hate this, and everyone,
I want to lie down on the floor,
And face the facts, face the truth,
When you look into my eyes, you,
Look straight on through, don’t you?
Tears faded, but words still remain,
They are sad but true,
I’m losing hope in you.

But I have trust in myself,
I have grown so strong;

Trailing the road I left behind,
I want to take the right path this time, this time…

So there you go, like I said, only rough and NOT perfect but what do you think of the lyrics? How do thwy make you feel? This was written on a personal situation. Thanks for an answers.

~ Tyleena x x x :)
Hehe, if their girly, hey ho, I’m a girl! Not writing heavy metal or that shite (in my opinion) here. I feel age matters to prove that this is obviously nor professional and in no means can be. I though that would be sort of blatent because I stated how it was not proffesional. I didn’t mean to be shallow, a friend actually told me to write a song on what was happening vecause it is a better way to channel emotions than I do. But I see what you mean since I was being quite blunt whilst writing this, also I presume you are a fan of Darren Criss- join the club! 😉 And yes, I shall work on that first line (didn’t know how to start this off). All thid is helping me a lot, thanks again guys this is all apreciated so, so much.

i heard this song and i really like it. it says “im weak i know its true” it sounded like plain white tees?

yeah i think that was what it said. but in the beginning its got like guitar throughout the whole thing. mostly acoustic??
i heard it on hot 101.1 FM

Guitar Songs: Best Songs To Learn As A Begginer On Guitar?

Epic Music Mix 4 has been found from the depths of the sea. Carried by a girl with crystal blue eyes thats been living there for quite some time. After earning her trust she gave me the mix to share it for eternity. Rate, Comment & Subscribe —————————————- Songs that i used for this Mix – Merchant Prince Nemesis II [HD] – Two Steps From Hell Call To Arms (Choir) – Conan the Barbarian UK Trailer Music (Audiomachine ‘Siege Towers’) – Steve Mazzaro Entering The Beast (Epic Action Choir) – Pfeifer Broz Glacial Supremacy – ‘Red Tails’ Trailer Music (Groove Addicts Full Tilt ‘To Glory’) – Globus Preliator These Songs can be found on youtube by copying the names from my description. Link of the picture used in this video: —————– DISCLAIMER !! ——————– I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS IN ANY WAY. I AM NOT MAKING A PROFIT FROM THIS AND ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTISTS.

just wondering what are the best songs to learn first? i keep starting to pkay and stopping im really finding it difficult and really am thinkingh about giving up completly. anyone have any advice?

Best Acoustic Guitar: Acoustic Guitar For Beginner/intermediate?

looking for a good quality acoustic guitar, between $ 500-$ 650 , australian durable please , good quality timber , non chinese made , great sound just great guitar


Best Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better An Acoustic Guitar Or An Electro-acoustic Guitar?

Like Phuc’s Fan Page now at Vote for him now! SMS “VGT 7″ send to 8328!

I have been wanting to learn the guitar for a while, and have been looking into acoustic guitars because I have been told that the acoustic guitar is a good guitar for beginners. However other people have been telling me to look into getting an electro-acoustic guitar to learn on. So I was wondering is someone would be able to provide the pros and cons of learning on an electro-acoustic guitar compared to an acoustic guitar.

If anyone wants to know I am interested in the Yamaha FG700S, but either left-handed or restrung to be a left handed guitar.