Acoustic Guitar Songs: Need Help On A Band Name For This Music?

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welll ive been playing guitar and writing muisc for about a year alredy and im 14…my dream is to be a acoustic pop muiscian..i put up a song i wrote for my girlfriend on youtube
check it out
but the problem is i need a band name any cool names? something corny unique and catchy will work alot something like(nevershoutnever,eatmewhileimhot,the scene aesthetic,the rocket summer etc. thanks alot folks it would help alot plzz no rude answers or anything thanks :)

Okay so, I’m trying to learn to sing better, what slow songs will be good for me to sing?

This is a wonderful old Gospel song which was originally done by Roy Acuff and his Dobro Player Brother Ozwald calle Great Speckled Bird! This song is the one which put Roy Acuff on the Grande Ole Opry. This is done by myself and Tommy, my oldest son on backup guitar on the Martin Live . I am doing the Dobro and singing and this is Recorded “Live at the Homeplace”

So, ive recently wanted to do something interesting with my life and stuff.
Ive wanted to learn guitar but my parents wont pay for lessons, so ive turned to trying to learn to sing. A few questions:

-What are some good slow songs to sing??
-Any tips for singing??

I can’t sing high notes very well and im not a confident singer, so any tips would be much appreciated.

Much love :) <3 xxx

Best Acoustic Guitar: White Acoustic Guitar?

im looking for a white acoustic guitar like my cousins, he got his off ebay, but unfortunately i dont fully trust it after previous experience.

it has a link to its own site, but as you will find, the sites hyperlinks are not working.

please help, or find another white acoustic for around £50-£80?


Guitar Chords: Best Songs To Learn On Guitar For Basic Beginner.?

More info on: http Flying Colors is Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals), Casey McPherson (lead vocals, guitar), and Steve Morse (guitar). “This album has bits and pieces of what you’d expect from each of us,” says Portnoy. “The sum of all its parts led to brand new, unchartered territory for everyone involved.” The formation of Flying Colors began with a simple idea: virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joining together to make new-fashioned music the old fashioned way. Refreshing, classic, old and new, the recordings are saturated with the many styles, tones and hues of the players who in becoming a band have delivered a unique fusion of vintage craftsmanship and contemporary music.

Iv just started to learn guitar and I know a few chords but I’m really struggling to do chord changes. Any advice on how to do chord changes? Also what’s the best songs to be learning since I’m a basic beginner! Any advice would be much on anything!!

Guitar Chords: Why Is A C Chord On A Piano CEG When On Guitar Its CEC?

A triad chord!
I was talking about the common open chord C, you know – the three finger diagonal shape. one of the first chords everyone learns on guitar

the first finger is placed on c, 2nd on e and 3rd on c. And this confused me

I just realised when its stummed though, a open G is being played so it makes up a c chord afterall, correct?

Acoustic Guitar Songs: What Song Is This? I Think It Was About A Girl Keeping A Secret From Whoever Wrote The Song Or Whatever?

Ryan’s acoustic take on Van Halen’s classic rocker. Just fooling around with this song on the acoustic guitar after the “Swing Life Away” video. It’s kinda rough but what the heck, you all decide for yourselves.

About a week ago I heard this on my friend’s iPod. It had 2 guys singing, or 3 I think. It was all guitar too and it sounded Live, so it must’ve been the acoustic version or some thing. I didn’t hear the full song just the ending. This is all I remember, I tried searching some lyrics on Google but nothing popped up, maybe the lyrics are wrong I don’t know I just heard it once.

Won’t you think about what you’re about to do to me and back down Was I invading in on your secrets?’re pushing me out when I’m wanting in…what was I just about to discover? I got too close for comfort driving you home, guess I’ll never know.

Guitar Lessons: Is This Too Much To Have All At Once?

im in yr 9, ive just chosen my GCSE options (french, geography, PE and triple science and then all the compulsory stuff like maths and english) but ive recently decided to start extra curricular activities, would be too mush to focus on studying while having my guitar lessons (in school) and then karate and piano lessons? would i be able to do well in everything, please help me out here, im serious about my grades but i still want to do my guitar, piano and karate? what are GCSE’s like anyway?? are they really that hard? and then to have all of my extra things on top? any advice, reccommendations and experiences would be great
thankyou in advance

would anyone with an extensive knowledge on ‘a view from a bridge’ mind if i asked them a few questions?

umm, hi guys
just to start, im brad. :)
im 15, and for part of my gcse coursework i was asked to write an essay on ‘a view from a bridge’ however i was absent for the majority of my english lessons due to guitar lessons. im pretty much screwed at the moment, because nothing on the essay plan i was given makes any sense, and i have no notes i can use to help me due to not being in the lessons.

i was wondering if there was anyone on the yahoo answers community that knows the play well who wouldnt mind me asking them a few questions about the play and its characters, just so i can get a few things sorted before i attempt this essay?

thankyou so much in advance.

beginner’s acoustic guitar? :’) help please.?

I’m looking for a acoustic guitar, ¾ size might suite, although i’m undecided. I’m looking for a guitar that sounds brilliant, looks nice, well priced.
(less than about £120 would be great!)
Can anyone please help?

Guitar Chords: On Guitar How Do You Play In The Key Of E With A Capo?

I just started playing and received a piece of music in the key of E.. It contains the Chords E, A, C#m, and B… How would I play these chords with the Capo? What fret do I need to put it on and how do I make those chords?? Please help! We are playing this piece at the next practice!

Guitar Games: How Much Would I Get For A Ps2 Slim?

I Have A Ps2 Slim, 3 Controllers, 2 Memory Cards, 15 Games,
NBA 06
Ultimate Alliance 2
The Cat In The Hat
Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero 3
Madden 06
Dave Mirra 2 Freestyle BMx
Shrek 2
Incredibles:Rise Of The Underminer
The Ant Bully
Midnight Club 3:Dub Edition Remix
Toy Story 3
Socom U.S. Navy Seals

Guitar Chords: Guitar Players, How Long Did It Take You To Play The F Major Chord? Watsky & Mody available FREE February 1st at: Based on the original song “We’re All Gonna Die” by Mieka Pauley http Starring the artwork of Mary Doodles Directed by George Watsky & Jess Dunlap Director of Photography- Jess Dunlap Edited by Joe Shahood Musical arrangement, wurlitzer & bells- Kush Mody Guitar & vocals- Mieka Pauley Bass- Charlie Domingo Audio engineering by Andrew Oedel and Nils Montan Mixed by Andrew Oedel Mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez for Stadium Red Album artwork by Philip Lumbang Special thanks to Nice Peter & Jackson Adams

I have tried and tried playing this for a week and its just not happening. How long did it take you to do it?

Electro acoustic guitar amplifier…?

What type of amplifier would i need for an electro acoustic guitar. I’m not after anything expensive but something suitable and i’m not sure what to get.

Best Acoustic Guitar: Regarding An Acoustic Guitar.?

Hey guy’s my sister just gave me a guitar which her boyfriend has had for a while. It is a Squier SD-3NAT Acoustic Guitar. I assume this guitar is a 2002 model as the sticker inside says Squier 20th anniversary ( freedom of expression Since 1982) So I assume this guitar is from 2002, can anyone help confirm this for me, and can anyone let me know whether this guitar is still being manufactured. Thanks guys.

Guitar Notes: Did The Late Whitney Houston Change The Way Music Sounded?

Let me put my cards on the table and say that I couldn’t stand her. That harsh, screeching voice sets my teeth on edge. Her version of I Will Always Love You remains the worst thing I have ever heard. The way she warbles away aimlessly at the end of the song fills me with the urge to kill. My mum is worse. She feels physically sick whenever WH or any of her many imitators appear on the radio and has to turn it off. For my mum, this is just bad, out-of-tune screeching.
But is that a generational thing?
I grew up in the punk/new wave era where singers valued expression over technique and went for a pretty straightforward approach to singing a song. Whitney was famously related to Dionne Warwick, but she actually sings nothing like her. DW has a light, melodic approach to songs which Whitney could never manage. Instead, she made a virtue of her weaknesses. Unable to hit notes true, she took to bending them and singing around them. She also bellowed and used plenty of heavy breathing to denote emotion. The result is the vocal equivalent of a Steve Vai guitar solo – complex, bewildering and unmelodic, but deeply admired by those in the know.
After Whitney came Mariah Carey and a host of X-factor wannabes. Now, that sort of whale-lunged vocalism is considered not just normal, but desirable. So, was Whitney’s achievement to change the way a generation viewed music so that the likes of my poor mum feel like throwing up whenever they switch the radio on? And, if so, what will her legacy be if, and when, tastes change?

Acoustic guitar question…….?

I decided to take up acoustic guitar about three years ago . After playing a cheap guitar for about a year, I decided to take the plunge and I spent £1700 on a Martin . It’s beautiful and I love it . Now this is the thing , a few different people have said I should get it “set up” professionally . What does this mean ? What do they do to your guitar ? How much is it ? And is it worth doing ?

Guitar Songs: Is There Any EASY Songs I Could Learn On Acoustic Guitar?

Okay, so for GCSE Music, we’re having to do a group piece. I play acoustic guitar, but I haven’t been playing it for long, only since September 2011 (I’m 15). I was wondering is there any easy songs (with chords or whatever) I could learn that won’t take forever to learn, the song must have drums in it also as my friend is playing in the group with me. Our kind of like genre of music is Rock, Alternative Rock. I DON’T have a capo either so, no songs with capos for the guitar >.< Thanks :3