Guitar Songs: What Songs Can I Perform On Guitar?

DazeHub (click for more info ) ———————————————————- All my Channels Blogtv Song: American Girl Artists: Silver Medallion and Dave Edwards Genre: House *If you use this song in any of your videos, you MUST put the following in the description: “Song: Dave Edwards & Silver Medallion – American Girl Silver Medallion’s channel: Dave Edwards’ channel: ” _______________________________________________________ ———————————————————— Artist: Chronic Maze Song: Injunction *If you use this song in any of your videos, you MUST put the following in the description: “Song: Chronic Maze – Injunction Cronic Maze’s channel: ” _______________________________________________________ Subscribe to Chronic Maze’s channel: Chronic Maze’s Soundcloud: Like Chronic Maze’s Facebo0k page: Download Chronic Maze – Injunction for free: _______________________________________________________ Beginning by OkieMerrod83 Ending song by End Logo By ImpurfektFaith Theme Song Add me on Google + Follow me on Twitter Like me on Facebook Visit my Shirt Shops All music and graphics used Royalty free and

I have to perform two contrasting pieces of music on my guitar (with backing tracks) for level 2 music, any ideas?? Please help!
AND i think i need emphasis on the ‘level 2′ part, eruptions a bit out of my league :p

Guitar Lessons: I Want To Learn Bass Guitar?

click here

can you give me some tips? I don’t want lessons

Guitar Chords: How Do You Play A D A And G Chord On A Guitar Need Urgent Help?

what sound should i hear? No links please

Guitar Lessons: Singing Tips?

Hey. I want to do Music as a GCSE, and I shall hopefully be taking guitar lessons.. But I think I will have to sing, and people say I have a good voice- I CANT sing high or low, im in the middle. Any good songs that I could try out for practice?


Guitar Notes: Does My Teacher Like Me Or Am I Misinterpreting The Situation?

Sierra Hull was winning mandolin and guitar contests when she was 13. Alison Krauss invited her to join her on the Grand Ole Opry. Now Sierra Hull of Byrdstown, Tennessee has a debut album coming out on Rounder Records. She and co-producer Ron Block talk about the project in this video bio.

ok so he never was my teacher in english but he does teach my after school club. I met him through a friend of mines and I honestly am not the type to fall for teachers or anyone else in general i am too busy with school. I started to notice how he would always comment on my hair and what not. this year though, my senior year, is kind of awkward because my friend moved but i still go to the club. In the beginning of this year there were so many new students added to the club and before i went in i looked through the little glass window and he looked kinda blaah so i went in and he looked like he had stars as eyes as he called my name so loudly and joyfully haha(he does this when he spots me in the hallway too!) and everytime i come to the club its the same thing. I play my guitar really well so hes always commenting on it hes also commented on the way i laugh and sing. we have had many convos about different things like one day we talked about fundraising and somehow it lead to bfs and why i didnt have one bacause i was too cute but it wasnt awkward because i am friendly in nature (he is too) and someone else joined in so it wasnt as awkward as it probably could have been. so a couple of days ago two of my closest friends (theyre actually a couple<3) and two of my other guy friends came with me and we started jamming out. he was making fun of me because i have the smallest hands in the world and so i crack jockes about his fat fingers! my friend had to go and make a call but the idiot forgot that doors lock after school ends so i left to go and find him and at the time the teacher was teaching a group of students some notes. When i got back my other friend looked at me and told me “yo the teacher called you as you were leaving cause he wanted to ask you a question but you just ignored him and he said “ok or you can just walk away ” (in my head it didnt add up because he looked like he was fully ingaged into the group and not paying any mind to me whatsoever and two i didnt hear him at all). after the club was over all of us were walking out in a line and talking but i got lazy and asked everyone if they could give me a piggy back ride but they all had an excuse (bummer) and i didnt notice the teacher was right behind us (he left the same way as us) and he was like ” i would give you a piggy back ride” and i was like “o foreall??” and he was like “yea but you have to wait till you graduate” I am so confused because i dont know if hes just being him or if its not my imagination and hes actually being a tad more than friendly and he likes me what do you guys think?honest answers please and thank you.

Guitar Lessons: I Just Feel Hopeless. Is This Normal?!?

GUITAR TAB: FACEBOOK: For more Sum 41 and pop punk guitar lessons click here: Thanks again for watching my video how to play In Too Deep by Sum 41 http

lately i’ve been feeling loads of different things. weakness, tiredness, laziness, emptiness, sadness and just generally depressed. i started the third year of high school 3 weeks ago(year 9, don’t know what they call it in america :l ) and i hate everything about it. i hate my teachers, the people in my classes, etc. even though i’m good at basically everything (i am expected to get a*’s in my science GCSE’s, i’m in the top ICT class and second top maths class, and i’m gifted and talented in english which is my best subject.) i feel as though i am not achieving anything and i am nearly falling asleep in lessons because i get no sleep.
i can’t seem to get to sleep easily, i have to lie in bed for ages, tossing and turning, throwing my cover off me then pulling it back on, thinking about everything it just can’t make me sleep.
my parents split up earlier this year and i still haven’t got over it. my dads got a flat ages away, and when i went there once i fell asleep in the car. then when we parked up at his i woke up but kept my eyes closed. my dad got out of the car thinking i was still asleep and started talking to his neighbor when i found out he has a girlfriend. my mum knew this but only told me after this had happened. i haven’t met her and i don’t want to, my dad also got angry at my brother and hit him, so now my brother is completely ignoring him which doesn’t help anything. generally crap like that happens everyday at home.

also, my friends are really starting to bug me loads. i started listening to different music because the music that’s popular nowadays is really annoying and edited. i listen to bands like panic at the disco, fall out boy, paramore, hey monday. the cab, the maine, enter shikari, passion pit, all time low etc. they keep taking the piss saying that i’m going “all emo” because they think its the type of music that screams down your ears and stuff. i also start buying kerrang magazine, and i had it in my school bag and when i opened my bag one day, one of them went ooh can i read your magazine, and then they were laughing at it because they had never heard of the bands and they were questioning why on earth i had bought it. i blankly told them because i wanted to, but they can’t stop taking the mick. in the car on the way to school my friend was changing the radio over and “rock fm” came on and they both started laughing.

one of my friends (lets call her A) is generally a bitch sometimes and the other one (lets call her B) just follows her, whatever she does.
for example i made cakes today in cooking and i put lots of cinnamon in it because i like cinnamon, and i gave A a piece and she started making throwing up noises.
B then decided to have some in the next lesson and copied A completely, pretending to throw up and saying that it was horrible. this really pissed me off and they always do it.
A has been doing dancing all her life. B decides to start dancing lessons with A to “lose weight” i’m not stupid.
and their faces when i announced i was getting bass guitar lessons was FXCKING PISSING ME OFF. sorry. and i’ve been friends with them for 10 years and i can’t just dump them. our mums are really good friends and stuff like that. but urgh.

i turned 14 last week and it all just feels crap. i feel ill, i have stomach aches and headaches, i’m getting loads of spots, i get paranoid about everything too. whenever i see ambulances or police cars or fire engines i panic. i haven’t been doing homework, i’ve been refusing p.e lessons, being close to tears in nearly every lesson.
my self esteem is dropping rapidly, and i’m pretending this isn’t happening so nobody asks me whats up. i have never been one to let my emotions out a lot but i have never felt this bad and i am just bottling it all up and don’t know what to do.

sorry if this all sounds messed up i’m just so upset and angry with myself. thanks.

Guitar Lessons: Help Anyone?

I was thinking on getting some guitar lessons but then i though teaching myself would make me a better player overall. Are there any good sites to help you learn how to play guitar that are FREE??? IM talking about GOOD sites that have a step by step starting from just the VERY basics… THANKS! PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS!

Guitar Songs: Is It Better To Get An Acoustic Guitar To Write A Song?

Guns N’ Roses is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985. The band, led by frontman and co-founder Axl Rose, has gone through numerous line-up changes and controversies since its formation. The band has released six studio albums, three EPs and one live album during its career. The band has sold an estimated 100 million albums worldwide,[4][5] including over 43 million in the United States.[6] The band’s 1987 major label debut album Appetite for Destruction has sold in excess of 28 million copies and reached number one on the United States Billboard 200. In addition, the album charted three Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including “Sweet Child o’ Mine” which reached number one.[7] The 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II debuted on the two highest spots on the Billboard 200 and have sold a combined 14 million copies in the United States alone and 35 million worldwide. After over a decade of work, the band released their follow-up album, Chinese Democracy, in 2008. Their mid-to-late eighties and early nineties years have been described by individuals in the music industry as the period in which “they brought forth a hedonistic rebelliousness and revived the punk attitude-driven hard rock scene, reminiscent of the early Rolling Stones.” The Use Your Illusion Tour was a promotional tour for the albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II, although due to the scale of the tour, the term “promotional tour” is

I mean, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar
which is better to write a song?

Anyone want to see “The top 10 Titles for OJ’s” new book? From Last nites David Letterman?

What do you think? OJ is trying to make a comeback but we all know he is guilty…….what do you think of him trying to make a comeback? And that he published this new book? Any comments?
Top Ten Chapter Titles In O.J. Simpson’s New Book

10. “People On My To-Kill List”

9. “Tuesdays With Robert Blake”

8. “The Murder Weapon: Is It Hidden In Your Town?”

7. “101 Alibis For All Occasions”

6. “Guitar Lessons, Ballroom Dancing And Other Things I’ve Taken A Stab At”

5. “How I Killed Pat Morita”

4. “My Confession: I Love Pop-Tarts”

3. “Things I Want To Do Before I Go To Hell”

2. “It’s Not Like I’m Blaming It On The Jews”

1. “If Murdering Two People Is A Crime, Then Call Me Guilty!”

Guitar Chords: How Do I Use My Inbuilt Line 6 Amp Effects With A Guitar Looper?

Worldwide Tour Dates Coming Soon! iTunes: Boyce Avenue official music video for their song “When The Lights Die” off their album “All We Have Left.” Available worldwide digitally! Facebook Twitter YouTube (Music Channel) (Vlog Channel) Official Site vTab (Guitar 1): (Guitar 2): Standard Tab: coming soon… Video: Directed by Mark Staubach Cinematography by Johnny Ching Editing by Owen LeVelle Coloring by Johnny Ching Produced by Boyce Avenue Audio: Music & Lyrics by Fabian Manzano Recorded & Engineered by Adam Barber & Veit Renn Mixed by Austin Deptula Mastered by Chris Athens Produced by Boyce Avenue


I want to purchase a looper of some sort, be it from Boss, Vox or Line 6…

The dilemma I’m having is this:

I’m comfortable and happy with my line 6 spider amplifier and the ‘shortboard’ which accompanies it. This allows me to access all the inbuilt effects that I have on the amplifier by using my feet, so that I can switch to different sounds whilst playing.

I wish to keep this set up and introduce a looper which will allow me to change to a different sound, but WITHOUT altering what’s previously been recorded – through the amplifier.

For example:

1) I begin by playing some clean guitar chords.

2) I overdub a guitar solo over the top in a distortion/overdrive effect.

Ideally, what I expect and want to happen is that the original clean chords, stay clean even after i switch to overdrive, but I have been lead to believe that whatever effect I’m playing through the amp in the present will in turn affect all loops and layers previously recorded, thus leaving everything distorted in this example.

I have attempted to do research on this problem, but so far have found that – if I were to add effects individually AFTER my amplifier, leaving the looper last in line before my guitar – I can use the effects as i please without changing the original loop…. however, this isn’t much good for me, because my effects are inbuilt and my shortboard floor pedal comes from a different area of the amp – not via the guitar input…

I’ve read something about a ‘send and return’ thing which is supposed to eliminate the issue but my amp does not have a ‘send and return’ input.

I know that many loopers provide guitar effects with the package but this would sort of defeat the object of owning an amplifier with inbuilt effects if I can’t use them for what they’re intended for within my set up.

Does anyone know anyway I can get round this?

Is it possible to connect the line 6 looper to the shortboard in the same way the line 6 expression pedals can be used?

Sorry for the confusing question.

Can anyone help? I will be extremely grateful to anyone who can.



Guitar Lessons: Alpegio On Guitar?

My very first online guitar lesson, sorry about how amateur it is, hope it helps all you Rory Gallagher fans out there to keep his awesome music alive. :) My Guitar teacher’s website…for proper lessons:

how do u form an alpegio on the chord structure on the guitar, please dumb it down, never had a lesson here!! lol thnx xxx

Guitar Hero Games: I Got A New Game Fir Ps2 And It Wont Work! Why?

Yet another dumb decision by the retarded company known as Activision

It’s the guitar hero 5 game for play station

How to develop my ‘image’ as a musician?

Ben Harper – Burn One Down (Live at Bonnaroo)

Hi, I’m trying to begin a career as a singer-songwriter (I’d like to be mainstream of course, even if it is unlikely) and I am carefully thinking about my image. My music is acoustic (I play 12 string guitar) and is sort of pop/folk/country. My songs sort of sound like Amy MacDonald/Frank Turner/Taylor Swift/Bob Dylan (poppier than Dylan, but similar). I have just been wearing casual shirts and jeans up til now, but what sort of image do you think would fit behind these songs? I’m a boy and I should mention that I have a wide vocal range, but sing quite high for the most part in my songs. Thanks!

Guitar Notes: Has Anybody Got Any Tips For Me ?

a play guitar and sing
ive done a couple of open mic nights before but im doing a bigger one tomorrow and its fair to say im a little nervous
for one its for over 18s. an exception has been made for me because the booker thinks ive got talent… but now that means im the youngest and im so so nervous!

any tips to just chill out ?

i know i can do it but when i get a little bit shakey the high notes are well.. not good
if anybody wants to here me at some point my youtube channel is:

im going to put a video up later this week… so if you subscribe it’ll pop up letting you know :)
i might get somebody to record the open mic night. depending on how bad i get the shakes

Acoustic Guitar Songs: Who Sings This?

Im not sure how old it is but im guessing its approx 20 years or more….the lyrics are: ‘Good night baby
Sleep tight my love
may god watch over you from above
Ive spent my life _________……(not sure what word goes here)
A Girl i met once played it ‘acoustic’ on a guitar its such a beautiful song and id love to know who sings it and to see if i can get hold of it…..i know im going out on a limb but any guesses????
another bit of it goes….so close your eyes
your alright….for now…

Dream theater song I can’t remember…?


I was just trying to find a song by the Dream Theater, and can’t remember the title… it is a very sweet and relaxing song, completely instrumental, if I remember well the main part is done by an acoustic or classic guitar..


Is it normal for me to think serenading is … lame?

I’m a singer and I’ve won city-and state-talent shows. But I think serenading a girl with a guitar is …. weird…because it’s so typical of a guy with no clue in music to sing (mediocre) and play (just okay).
You see that quite often. They play chords, a few notes, and serenade with an OK voice. I think that’s cheezy. Am I the only one who feels this way? LOL
I play the piano (along with singing). I find serenading a girl with the piano, while singing, is a lot better.