Guitar Games: What Do I Get A 14 Year Old Boy For His Birthday?

Season 3, bonus MIDI 1 This was done by request. Looking forward to The Hunger Games movie coming soon-ish. It’s a good song. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! forSynthesia Program (That’s what you see) http for MIDI file, go to the MIDIs tab and scroll down. After you have both, put the MIDI in a folder that Synthesia checks for MIDI files (or tell it to add the folder that your file is in). You can set the speed to whatever you like (I like to try to slow it down so maybe you can just learn it from this, but if it’s too fast/slow the MIDI is useful) to fit your learning capabilities. You can even pause and rewind easier if you download the MIDI file. EDIT: 100000+ views on this video alone! AWESOME!

So i have a friend and it is his birthday on saturday. i have no idea what to get him! i’d spend around £10 on him, maybe £15 but probably not. He likes guitars, his ipod but not the usual things guys like such as xbox games.
Help please, 10 points?

Guitar Chords: How Hard Is It To Play The D Chord On The Guitar And Mute The Top Two Strings?

Lyle puts his mediocre skills as a musician to bad use as he awkwardly tries to teach you how to be less shit at the guitar! Go here if you’ve got any questions about my setup:

Can it even be done because i keep on muting the bottom string when i try muting the top two strings…=)

Acoustic Guitar Songs: Advice On Becoming A Songwriter?

aol sessions

I live in the UK and used to write many songs which I think I have a good talent for, my songs are generally acoustic/rock/indie. The thing is I don’t play guitar and cannot sing at all. Does anyone have any advice on becoming successful. I guess I would need someone to record a song on my behalf and send a tape to companies, can anyone with experience let me know if it’s worth it and how far they have gone? 10 points for the most experienced answer not someone who has just googled a lot of info (as I have already done that)

Guitar Notes: Will My Singing Improve?

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im 14 and i loveee music (: i play both the guitar and piano and enjoy singing along with them, but my voice doesnt have much range at all and when i try to hit certain notes i just go quiet and am unable to make much of a sound. i dont really try singing very loud because i dont like people to hear but when my family go out, i try to use that time to practice. I get quite nervous even when people are out because i worry i might not of heard anyone coming home and ill still be singing. I believe that i am quite a good singer within my range becuase i can stay in tune easily (: i have quite an average voice although it is slightly deep. so what im asking really is; will my singing improve when my vocal chords settle down after growing, or could it because of nerves. also, id like to know if there is anyway for me to improve my vocal range. (: thanks, all help will be appericiated 😀

Guitar Lessons: What Guitar Stuff Do I Need Now?

How to tune your guitar. This video is guitar lesson which explains how to get a completely FREE software guitar tuner from for your electric guitar or acoustic guitar. Once you have downloaded the free guitar tuner you can learn how to use it to tune your guitar….

I’m learning to play the acoustic guitar and would like to know what to get. All i have is a guitar….. XD I use an old Vodafone sim card as a pick….LOL What kind of pick (i.e. colour/thickness) should i get? Is it wise to just buy some picks off the internet? I heard that certain colours correspond to the thickness of the pick. Is it based on preference? Should I get nylon picks?

On my list I’ve got: picks, metronome, guitar stand, tuner (though i’m good at tuning by ear…), soft guitar case…maybe a beginner’s lesson book. I’m currently learning from youtube vids.

Thanks :)

I like this guy but he ignores me…?

Okay so I go to guitar lessons and there’s this guy in my class who I really like, but so far he hasn’t talked to me, smiled or even glanced at me, and I feel sick at the thought of going up and talking to him because I just don’t know what to say! I’m scared I’ll say the wrong thing and ruin my chance of a friendship. How can I come across more confident and make him notice me? What can I say to break the ice?

Thanks =]

Acoustic Guitar Songs: Trying To Find A Song Performed Live On Ch4 Freshly Squeezed 2008. Possibly An MC From Do You Really Like It?

I’m trying to find a song performed at the end of Channel 4’s Freshly Squeezed some time earlier in 2008. It was an acoustic version of a garage/hip hop track with a guitar backing. I believe (although after this time I could be wrong) that it was one of the MCs from DJ Pied Piper’s “Do You Really Like It”.

Guitar Songs: What Are Some Easy Songs To Learn On Guitar/piano That I Can Sing With For Gcse Music?

Guitar Songs: What Are Easy Beginner Songs To Play On Guitar?

Robben Ford playing an enormously great song in Ohne Filter.

is a 34″ acoustic guitar full size?

if 34″ isn’t full size, how many inches is a full size acoustic guitar?

Guitar Lessons: Could I Learn How To Sing Well?

I don’t have a horrible voice, it’s just average. I don’t have a great singing voice or anything though. I really want to go into music and singing. If I take singing lessons could I become a good singer? I already play piano and guitar. Thanks!

David Bailey & I grew up within shouting distance. He made it as photographer, I didn’t. Nature over nurture?

The Real Thing?

So ‘Four beats to the bar and no cheating’.
David Bailey was quoting Count Basie,
Answering the old question, ‘What is Jazz?’
Jazz like a photo capture, so fleeting
And if the notes are there, so the image
Must be real, accurate, no retuning,
No time for rehearsals, pluck the guitar
Or press the shutter release on your stage.

Bailey does this with film photography,
Not digital. Holding the negative,
You say, yes, this is a truth I can feel.
But when you have only pixels, briefly,
Pixels stripped from sensors, drained through a sieve –
Then all you have is something not quite real.
Chris you are right, I watched the programme (We’ll Take Manhattan) and the following one (Four beats to the bar and no cheating). In the latter Bailey is at work with a model and the things he says to her makes her feel beautiful, it’s his charm that brings out the personality and then his technique and natural ability as he presses the shutter release at just the right moment. Bailey lived in Mile End while I was in Bow – a short walk away. We both knew the Krays BUT HE SHOT THEM (with a camera!). He’s a people person I’m too shy and prefer abstracts and landscapes. Thanks, LC, Neonman, ‘Lupus'(!). Yes it is a sonnet but I’m still experimenting with half- or para-rhymes but it’s not in a Shakespearean structure. It’s ABBAABBACDECDE.

Guitar Chords: What Guitar String Should I Get?

Callie Moore Unplugged Series Week 2 “Out of My Range” From our Studio to Your Monitor Every Tuesday! Links to Music:

I’m gettig a guitar, I can play a few chords and stuff, i just want to know, which is best: metal or plastic strings?

Guitar Notes: I Think Im Addicted To Music..wht Should I Do?

my exams starts soon..but still i cant put my guitar down…whenever i try to study a song is always stuck in my head…instead of writing notes i write songs…its kinda crazy…i dont wana fail my exams..and i cant stop my the more i study the more i think about music!
has this ever happened to any of u?
why am i like this?
i love music so much and i knw i should minimize it for a while…but my heart just cant…in my soul there stuck the memories tht i wanna sing…im confuse!wht should i do??