Acoustic Guitar Songs: What Song Is This?

American Female singing with acoustic guitar. the verse is quiet and goes something like “this is the last day of our aquantance….i know but you wont listen to me, i know your answer already” then louder chorus “this is the last day of our aquantance oh oh oh” and repeats.

A bit vague i know but all answers are appreciated.

Acoustic guitar learner in need of some guidance. ‘A’ chord! How do you do that one? I’ve tried a club hammer?

on my first and second finger still can’t bend them round enough!
Any ideas?
thanks for your time. Terry.

Guitar Games: How Much Would I Get If I Traded These Games To Gamestop?

the legend of spryo eternal night wii
harry potter and the half blood prince wii
guitar hero aerosmith wii
animal crossing city folk wii
guitar hero world tour wii

Guitar Lessons: Councelling Crap 2. Guys And Girls Thinking?

Maybe this is guy and girl thinking…

If a girls car is broke she wants sympathy and a chat and someone to listen, give her a hug and somehow let her fix her own car or some crap like that.

Guys want a mechanic to fix their car so they can carry on driving, maybe pimp it up so goes faster.

Hence councilling aint all that much use in fixing the emotional probmes of say guys at least as does not follow the mechanically fix car principle.

Ie in earlier posts.

if girl cant pull and all lonley get sexy clothes, sexy dance moves, teach how boys think & how to chat them up, same for guys only get them to be more cocky bad boy that girls like & maybe guitar lessons. Maybe a fireman course and expertise in chocolate making

Or something like that.

Ie something useful.

That solves the problem.

Once & for all.

But how the hell do you fix things when over a decade behind most people? bit difficult to catch up.

You cant exactly implant all the mems
So is that why all these mums or ladies suggest things like pyrinks and councellors… as some how they can work things out from a chit chat.

Whilst a kid being bullied if a bloke would benefit from say a summer of army training in unarmed combat so can beat up the bully.
If you think thats sexist why is it that boyfriends get grief when a girl says she has a problem and the guy simply fixes it for her
Lets see … A lot of dumb people here on about help or magic mushrooms. Now if not so below can get it why cant the rest of you.

As if you cant get a simple concept like …

Only practical solutions which actively fix a problem are any use to anyone

But psyrinks, help, concelling etc really help nobody as not practically and actively fixing the problem as only chit chatting.

Ie they are not giving say guitar lessons and self defence lessons so a guy can stop getting bullied and impress girls.

A practical solution to somone who cant pull and feels lonley and gets bullied.

or removing someones glasses, getting them contacts or eye laser surgery, and send them to a stylist to replace wardrobe and give cool ness lessons.

Or say if somone is upset as due to a sprained ankle they cant dance… chatting wont help. Only pyssio and maybe pain killers or surgery helps.

that would be the bloke solution.

Now why is that so hard for people to grasp

Suzie maybe as more concerned with more important stuff… like futures, lives, stopping hurt, ruined lives and fixing people up.

I take it somone found the cure for aids you would be nit picking on full stops in the right place

1) girls tend to go for band members like the singer or guitarists… ie groupies. He practices with them if they dont stay and be a girlfriend.

the practice teaches him about girls and gets him confident in feeling good looking so think he has a chance and confidence asking somone specail out.

Plus will know what to do with them.

Plus being on stage… lots of fans= confidence

As for beating up bully.

Well bully wont hurt him anymore and neither will others. if relly flattens bully can see to it bully does not hurt others and becomes hero.

The gun pulling insident on you. In that case it may help as simply truma… not an underlying reason.

And councelling may poitn out problems it does not really fix them.

And had the councelling thats how I know its pointless as did not teach or fix what was needed then, cerainly cant now.

How do you catch up 15 or more years without doing the stuff so can compete twith those who have>?

Acoustic Guitar Songs: Who Wrote The Song Anchorage Alaska?

female acoustic guitar player. cant remember her name
yes thats it michelle shocked THANKYOU 10 points for you hehe

Guitar Notes: How Do I Play Second Space A On The Clarinet?

I am teaching myself the clarinet. I read music fluently, as I also play piano, guitar and harmonica, but regarding the fingering, I cannot work out how to play 2nd space A. I have C. Paul Herfurth’s A Tune a Day Book One, and it gives the fingering for the notes. For 2nd space A it says to play with the side of the first finger of the left hand, presumably on the first hole, but I cannot produce the note A like this.
Can anyone explain how I do it?

Guitar Games: What Is Your Top 5 Games?

i know how hard top 10 lists are every time someone asks me i can,t answer so here is my top 5. 5 guitar hero 6 legends of rock. 4 pokemon soul silver. 3 fable 3. 2 mortal kombat 9. 1 fallout 3. whats yours?

Guitar Notes: I Want To Become Succesful In Music, But I Am Worried About My Voice?

Breathe Hope In Me by A Day To Remember with lyrics. I do not own this song.

I can write music, lyrics, I play guitar, bass guitar, piano, and I hope to be succesful in music when I am older (yes, I know the chances are low), but I am not very confident about my singing voice. I can hit all the right notes, it is just that my voice is too soft and girly to sing rock. I am also not at all confident to sing infront of others. I can sing infront of my 2 best friends, but that is it. Not even infront of my family. What do you suggest I do to overcome this and maybe make my voice stronger? Thank you x =)
I am thirteen and English. I can not go on American Idol. Again, I am thirteen, you can’t blame me for having dreams.

Guitar Lessons: Learn To Play The Guitar In Under 3 Weeks? This track features guitar work over a 12 bar blues in E dominant. The backing rhythm track has a strong backbeat that bridges the feel of rock and blues nicely and it is therefore an excellent choice for students looking to develop an authenticity in both styles. This, combined with its slow tempo, makes it a frequent choice for use in guitar lessons. Its a great one to crank up LOUD, and unlike many lesson studios in Atlanta, Jimmys private Atlanta recording and lesson studio has no boundaries on volume! Cyphers performance here employs extensive use of the E minor pentatonic and E composite blues scales, along with pitch perfect bending techniques and vibrato. This type of compound vibrato is a trademark of guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughn and Zack Wylde. As students in guitar lessons frequently discover, it is quite difficult to learn and master. As a guitar teacher, Jimmy is always thinking about new exercises. Here, he has developed a series of workout instruction and lessons that systematically target issues of pitch and motor control and allow aspiring guitar players to literally get a handle on these techniques in months as opposed to years. Cypher ends the solo with some slide guitar. He is most influenced by the slide work of Eric Sardinas, Sonny Landreth, and John Frusciante. It should be noted that different players wear the slide on different fingers and the digit chosen will very much dictate the way in which one plays


Any books you think I’d like?.. :)?

On request of many people, here it finally is! ++How To Play Satch Boogie++ I hope this video is very usefull to you all, and I hope you all like it! *note One word about the tapping solo: The slow part is not played in the right tempo, and not all the notes are played. It only shows how this solo should be tapped and which notes. The tablature on the other hand “do” show every note you’re supposed to play. Just watch the fast part closely to find out about the right tempo. Good luck to everyone! Gear andsoftware used: Ibanez JS 1200 CA Peavey envoy 110 Zoom GFX-8 Vox Satchurator Vox Time Machine Boss NS-2 Sony Vegas Pro 8 POD Farm Ableton Live 7 Sony HDR-SR 11 Full HD Camera Line 6 UX-1 toneport

I have read the Twilight series && Harry Potter series several times (+loved them!).

I’m not really interested in the whole Vampire genre tbh.. but anything you can recommend me is appreciated! :)

some of my favourite books:
-Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning
-The Host by Steph. Meyer
-Misery by Steven King
-Notes On the Refridgerator Door by Alice Kuiper

thankss! :) x
i always thought the Tithe series looked interesting.. but scary! I’m sooo gonna try it.. “Uglies” and “Garth Nix” are on my list too!

Has anyone read “It” by Steven King? I don’t want to terrify myself if it’s tooo much!

I’m thirteen, but I usually read stuff thats written for older people.. I’ve read My Sister’s Keeper + Pride and Prejudice and I never had a problem with them…?
WOW – Pretty Little Liars sounds like something I’d want to read..!

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My sister is 14 and she just told me that she wants to learn to sing and play the guitar. She has never done anything like that before and has ABSOLUTELY NO MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE except to read notes and our parents won’t give in. I know most kids start out really young like 5 but I argued that voices break and some children start at the age of 18 because the voice would have ‘matured’. She is actually taking this seriously (she wants to be big) and wants to do something with it but as she takes most things as a joke the parents are not too sure.
What do you think?

1) Is she too old to start guitar and vocal lessons now?
2)How can she convince them?
3)Do you think she will actually make it big??

How to write song on guitar in style of…?

Hey im just wondering if there are any suggestions for chord progressions on how to write songs on guitar in the style of the clash and the smiths etc.. any ways of creating opening riffs would be much appreciated. oh and what should i do first when writing such dongs, music or words??

Guitar Songs: Does Anyone Know What Song The Guitar Piece Is From In Dynamo Magician Impossible 21st July?

ATTENTION: This is NOT the official video or song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup! Music video by K’naan performing Wavin’ Flag. (C) 2010 OctoScope Music, LLC

Around 18 minutes into the episode when he’s catching cigar smoke and pasting it through the beer mat into the pint glass. there’s some guitar music playing that sounds familiar but im not sure what it is.
Dynamo Magician Impossible Season 1 Episode 3.