Band Games: Rock Band, Groupie Question.

The People’s Key, Bright Eyes’ seventh studio album, will be released February 15th, 2011. Order direct from Saddle Creek:​eCskmt Download Free MP3’s of “Shell Games” and “Haile Selassie” here:​eCskmt Directed by Nik Fakler Editing by Aaron Gum

how do you get groupies on the game? ive just finished it on easy and theres still venues locked because i need to get groupies, do i get them in medium and higher difficulties or something?
I’m playing multiplayer band world tour with my brother, does this mean I need to complete solo world tour? Can some please go into abit more detail lol

Guitar Hero Games: Mastering Guitar Hero?

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If you are playing on the Hard mode on Guitar Hero (Providing you’ve mastered Easy and Medium) is it best to start it on that difficulty on the first game before you move onto Guitar Hero 2 and 3?

Band Games: Cryptic Band Names?


men only.
christopher, andrew and david
high rollers in a casino game
the managing director’s superior
hut invasion
auctioneer’s mallet
queen of slimming world
parent short of breath
traffic queue

Best Acoustic Guitar: I Have Purchased An Acoustic Guitar 2-3 Days Ago But Now My Father Is Saying That I Should Go With Keyboard?


i have purchased an acoustic guitar 2-3 days ago but now my father is saying that i should go with keyboard rather………… i am confused…………i wanna play guitar…………..what should i do…………..please help

Guitar Hero Games: Can I Play My Guitar Hero World Tour Xbox 360 On My Ordinary Xbox?

1 AWARD: WWW.SICKDRUMMERMAGAZINE.COM 2 AWARD: WWW.THEDRUMCOVER.COM!!!! LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE This is my tribute to one of the best extreme Power Metal song of ever and one of the most famous song in the world ( because is the final Rock Band Guitar Hero game track ). Some fills are mine,some others not, some are similar to Dave Mackintosh drummer’s fills. For tours, gigs and videos contact me on or on will rate your requests. A specially thanks to Ivan Nikodimovich ( 4 u bro! ) for have assembled this video for me with new graphics and overlays. Gee Anzalone’s drumset was: – TAMA ROCKSTAR Custom Chrome 12″/14″/16″/22″ – TAMA STARCLASSIC Snare 14″ Mike Portnoy Signature” :) – TAMA IRON COBRA CHROME limited edition double pedals – Crash 16″ Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash – Crash 16″ Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash – Ride UFIP 20″ Bionic Series – HH UFIP 13″ Bionic Series – HH Staxx 8″ mix UFIP / Sabian – China Paiste Pst5 16″ – DW 9000 remote HH ( not used in this video ) – HH stand Premier – Dixon Rack – Recording by mixer on Zoom H4 Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!! New fuckin’ metal videos coming soon! This music is property of Dragonforce band, all right to the owners. This is a tribute. Follow me on facebook! ( Gee Anzalone ), on twitter @gee_anzalone and visit my myspace on or Questo è il mio omaggio

thanks all help would be appreciated… and yes i am slightly stupid i bought the wrong game by mistake and i cant return it. thanks

Guitar Hero Games: Fable 3 Vs Guitar Hero?

im going to get one of these games for my birthday but unsure which one to buy. im not going to spend over £100 so if it is guitar hero it would have to be the guitar only. i dont really like the new guitar heros songlist so if i would get it i would have to buy guitar hero 5 and 4 aswell cheap on ebay. if i bought fable 3 it would be the collectors edition or whatever its called. so what do you think???

Guitar Lessons: Is It Hard To Teach Yourself The Guitar?

Tab now available at Pachelbel’s Canon. I will teach the whole song in multiple lessons. This is the first one.

i play the violin but i want to teach my self to play guitar and i cant get lessons because im short of money and i really want to learn pplease give me some sites were it coukd teach me and i could get a guitar

Easy Guitar Songs: What Would Be A Good Katy Perry Song?

What Katy Perry song would be the easiest to learn for a beginner? :) Can be from first album to second, plus the easiest for guitar too? Again beginner xD

What songs are good to play on the guitar by an intermediate and sing at the same time? These songs………..?

………. not have been released lately .

Band Games: Guitar Hero Band Xbox 360?

Clone Version (Youtube): Clone version on Blip: FYI, Driftless Pony Club is playing two shows on the Digitour: May 7: Urbana, IL. The Canopy Club May 8: Lawrence, KS. Granada Theater 2nd Channel: iPhone Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Shirts: Shoes: questions: Ask a question? ___________________________________ BAND STUFF New album CD: iTunes: ___________________________________ Thanks for the wink:

hi i was wondering if any one has seen any offers on this game in the UK not US.
my sister wants the game for xmas but it seems a bit steep (high priced) for me because i am only 16

anyone knowing of any offers please share

many thanks


Guitar Songs: What Are Your 5 Favourite Songs On Guitar Hero World Tour?

mine are
No sleep till brooklyn
Eye of the tiger
Livin on a prayer
The one i love

Guitar Hero Games: Is Anyone Else Fed Up Of People Saying This About Guitarists And Guitar Hero Players.?

Whenever for example you look up a song on YouTube someone will come out with the old adage: “I can play this on gh expert and get 5*” then someone will come along and tell them to shut up and learn real guitar. I mean fair enough, guitar hero is a fantastically addictive game but I also play real guitar which is far more rewarding but I would never degrade someone for bragging about their guitar hero skills; I live and let live; im sure noone would say the same thing for people who play call of duty now would they?

so what do you all think? do these people have the right to say this?
that isn’t freedom of speech: this is harrasment. there’s a fine line between saying what YOU THINK a person should do (freedom of speech) and telling someone what to do and why what they’re doing is wrong.
and cheese you started contradicting yourself there. first you giv the big discussion of freedom of speech then you say ppl don’t giv a crap what another person has to say about gh. thts ur whole theory out the window isn’t it?

Easy Guitar Songs: Electric Guitar Help Needed?

want to learn to play this song, its easy n ive just started out. However i don’t understand a few things:

1) it tells you the chords but it doesnt tell you how many times to strum or which string.
2) on that third chord what do the X means
3) is their any websites that r really good for noobs like me

all these answered would b much help

Guitar Songs: Guitar Audition Songs? ≈ Relax Now. Visit our Channel. 😎 The Most RELAXING MUSIC EVER! RELAX & SLEEP Video HD NEW AGE Songs nature’s lullaby bedtime best insomnia help most chill out sleepy Please, LIKE, SHARE, FAVORITE, COMMENT on our videos. SUBSCRIBE to both our channels and see 199+ Videos,…

i have an audition to go to music college and i want to get in so bad! u have to be grade 5 in an instrument but i’ve never been graded. i’ve played guitar for a while now and i think it’s worth a try. i need to play a grade 5 level song or at least a simple song which shows off all the techniques of playing and my ability. if you’ve ever gotten into music college, what song did u play?
please help! i dont have much time to learn it either! my dream is to work in the music industry!

They call Elvis “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, but who do you guys think was your ACTUAL King of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

For the record, me and me girlfriend both reckon it was Buddy Holly, and I shall tell ya why. Buddy Holly was ahead of his time. He was a pioneer. He was the first performer EVER to write, arrange, produce AND perform all his own material, (and that was unheard of in them days!) I’ve recently found out that, when he weren’t onstage, as a musician in his own right, Buddy Holly was also a music teacher, who gave guitar lessons as a sideline. With all due respect to Elvis, (whom, for the record, I’m a BLOODY big fan of), he never done none of that- (he just performed songs which were already about.) That’s why WE think Buddy Holly was the REAL King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. So, who do YOU think was the real King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Fifties, and why? I’d REALLY appreciate YOUR angles on this one, please, guys. Much obliged! Peace and love! Be lucky! :)

Best Acoustic Guitar: Is There A Good Music Shop In South London, Where I Can Et A Ukulele And A Awesome Acoustic Guitar?

my guitar sucks..and at argos they only do guitar packs :/

Guitar Hero Games: Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock.?

So, I’ve added a moderator module, where you can add suggestions for new videos! The first video that got suggested was Zohar002’s piano arrangement of “Secret of the Forest” from Chrono Trigger. Watch him play it here: I created the midi file, which can be downloaded here: And the sheets I used to create the midi with, can be found here: So go ahead and suggest and vote for piano arrangements you want to hear in my channel, and don’t forget to subscribe! Enjoy! The program used to make this clip was Synthesia and it’s recorded with fraps. Synthesia is the piano equivalent of guitar hero.

Very annoyed at this game because the guitar did not come with it and as a result i’m pretty sure i can only sing down my headset like a mong. If possible, is there a way to use the controller to play the guitar bits like every other fucking Guitar Hero??

Guitar beginner Question…………..?

I am learning to play the guitar and can play the following chords
A, A(m), C, D, E, E(m), G…
I now have to practice chord shifting…please suggest some easy practice patterns

Guitar Chords: How Can I Play A Bar Chord Song On Guitar Without My Thumb Wrist And Fingers Aching?

Yo! This is a new song – – A friend of mine wrote this and his name is An and I originally met him by chance in a park in HCMC, Viet Nam. I wrote the english lyrics for the song and I shall shortly upload a video that shows how to play this song on the guitar :) Please see below for the lyrics of this song. Hope you enjoy. Co luc ngo da quen duoc mot vong tay, hoi am tran day Nuoc mat cung da kho theo thoi gian, lac trong nhung buon dau Co luc ngo da yen vui ben nguoi khac, de quen bong hinh em Co luc ngo da quen voi nu cuoi, khong em ben anh Chot mot ngay day nang em quay ve day, noi lan dau minh gap nhau Van la anh mat trong xanh buon ba, nhin anh.. Chinh luc ay muon bay den ben em Om em trong vong tay, tim hoi am quen Bat giac nhan ra da khong con nhau, nhu ngay xua Thoi quay mat di Thi thoi co ma quen Hay giu nhung phut giay ta gan nhau Dep nhu nhung bai hat anh viet rieng tang em nhung chieu thu Trong sang, nhe nhang.. I know that those days.. are just memories But sometimes my mind it doesn’t agree In my dreams Smiling there Looking right back at me And I know In your heart You’re still thinking of me You’re still thinking of me Now it’s real Standing there With those tears in your eyes Why oh why Didn’t I Come and see you before Now my hearts torn in two Over you..

It’s really frustrating, while trying to play under the bridge for example, i get halfway through the first verse using bar chords then my hand feels exhausted, are there any exercises i can do to strengthen my hand so i can play bar chords for a longer period of time without having to stop?

Guitar Lessons: How Hard Is It To Teach Yourself Guitar?

i really want to learn how to play i play piano already but i can’t really take lessons cos i am constantly on the move

also could yourecommendd any sites?

Guitar Games: Whats You Idea Of A Great Night In?

“Learn To Breathe” Sometimes i just want to run away, from all the things you say to me, feelings are ok to me, and i just want to find a place, where no one sleeps, we’re all awake and take the time to get away… i dont want to play these games, your strength has helped me make the change, catch me if i fall from grace i dont want to play your game, ’cause lonely was a safer place, catch me if i fall from grace [chorus] take the time, to learn to breathe, some day we’re going under, we did we, all fall asleep? won’t someone wake us? take the time, to learn to breathe, some day we’re going under, help us see, whats underneath i’m not here to place the blame, ’cause although we’re not, we’re all the same, you lit a fire when you called my name, uhh-huh i don’t want to play your games, cause lonely was a safer place, catch me if i fall from grace, uhh-huh [chorus] i wanna take you, wanna shake you, wanna make you feel like i do, i wanna take you, wanna break you, wanna make you know what it’s like (you think you have it all figured out, you think you’re onto something, i see you standing there, acting like you have no idea what i’m talking about, you don’t like the way i dress, you dont like the way i talk, thats fine, cause nobody asked you, and next time you want to point the finger, i suggest you look in the mirror.) i wanna take you, wanna break you, wanna make you feel like i do, i wanna take you, wanna shake you, wanna make you know what it’s like i wont fight you

For me has to be a good half hour jacuzzi bubble bath with cigar followed by a well prepared 3 course beauty, mabye a salad to start followed by Salted King Prawns in Lemon and Chilli with noodles and veg, folowed by a thick sponge for afters, all with about 5 mates, and half a dozen bottles of wine.

Then off to the drawing room for a Cheeseboard and Port and a game of Guitar Hero on the PS2. Then chill out to a bit of Pink Floyd or Jeff Buckley before nodding off?

Can you do any better? Remember this has to be a night IN.