Best Acoustic Guitar: A Question About Recording Acoustic Guitar?

Ok so I was thinking about recording some acoustic guitar. Would I just need a microphone and an audio interface thingy?
Im reading all kinds of things about mixers etc, but also that a mixer is not required, just an audio interface. Is this correct?

Thank you :)

Guitar Games: Where Is The Best Place To Sell My Xbox 360 In England>?

Sorry for the delay was busy with montages and stuff. :) tucny: This video shows: How to have fun CoD Funnys and Fails How to play bad How to have fun in Call of Duty ———————————– Follow tucny on Twitter: Follow us on Twitter: Like our Facebook: E-Mail us:

xbox is the one before elite 60gb 2 pads a charger in working condition comes with cod7 hardened(code used) cod4 C+C3 many more games comes with guitar for one of the games?

Band Games: Can Any Tell Me If They Can Find Post2 Its A Banded Game In Some Countries.?

Guitar Hero Games: How Much Money Would I Get If I Trade In These Games At Game Stop?

Refer to this link for information on the Fair Use Act. This video is intended for educational purposes to show the note chart, and for proof of a First Place spot on the Xbox Live Leaderboards. — “Du Hast” by Rammstein Expert – 6145738 Vocals: x Kixxer Mass x – Guitar: rabidkitty4 Drums: Raven2599 Bass: sillwiglin —

How much would i get if i trade these games in for play station 2
Guitar hero 2, Guitar hero 3, Over the hedge,smackdown vs raw 2011, The Matrix Path of Neo, Destroy All Humans 2, Star wars The Force Unleashed, Guitar hero 1, and another Guitar hero 1, and Secret Agent Clank, and The Lord of the Rings The return of the king

Does anybody know the chords to the intro of The spill canvas – all over you?

Tabs available @ and tons of free learning material @ http . This is my intermediate/advanced version of the classic fiddle tune, Bill Cheatham! Hope you enjoy!

I want ot learn the guitar intro to all over you
THNX SO MUCH DUDE ive been looking for that kidna answer everywhere lol r u a spill canvas fan??

Any good relaxing ‘summertime’ songs that are good for guitar?

song for kids

Things a bit like ‘put your records on,’ the sort that have that nice summer afternoon/evening feel to them. And preferably good for guitar too =]
Thanks x

Guitar Lessons: Can Anyone Sing And Hit High Notes?

I want to do something with music when Im older. I get high marks in school for it and Im doing well in guitar lessons but I know an important part of music is to sing. I sing okay. I can sing in tune just fine but I can never hit any high notes. My dad is pretty good at that but Im wondering why Im struggling at this. Can anyone really sing? Is hitting high notes a skill you have to put effort in or is it something you just have to be lucky enough to have?

Best Intro’s or Guitar Riffs…?

© 2011 WMG Bright Lights EP available in stores and on tour

I’m obsessed with Indie Rock, and I just think there is nothing better than a good guitar riff. Whether its in the intro, at the bridge, or throughout the song, I just love something that really sticks in your head and sounds fantastic. I’m looking for some good indie songs that have that sort of thing. I’ll give you some examples;

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (the best guitar riff of all time hands down.)
Muse – Plug In Baby, Time Is Running Out, Map of the Problematique, Supermassive Black Hole, Knights of Cydonia, Uprising, The Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, New Born, Feeling Good, Hysteria
Arctic Monkeys – If You Were There, Beware (My favourite band, and there are countless fantastic riffs by them, but this is probably my favourite)
Bloc Party – Helicopter, Banquet, Flux
Green Day – Holiday
Kasabian – Underdog, Club Foot, Fast Fuse, LSF, Fire, Shoot The Runner
The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
Morning Runner – Gone Up In Flames ( The Inbetweeners Theme Tune )
Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody
Oasis – The Importance of Being Idle, Don’t Look Back In Anger
The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die, Omen, Smack My Bitch Up, Warrior’s Dance
Radiohead – Street Spirit (Beatiful riff), Just
The Strokes – 12:51, Alone Together, Someday, Hard To Explain, Last Nite
The Temper Trap – Soldier On
Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know, Undercover Martyn, I Can Talk, Cigarettes In The Theatre, Come Back Home, Something Good Can Work
Vampire Weekend – A Punk ( amazing riff )
The xx – Intro (and all their other songs <3) 30 Seconds To Mars – Too many good riffs to count So if you could reccomend any other good riffs or intros that i havent mentioned there, that would be really helpful. Thanks:D i said INDIE ROCK, i can’t stand metal or anything screamo or hardcore. Just some really good, catchy riffs from the same genre of what i’ve already said! @RastafaRay: If you’re gonna be really picky then fine. Green Day perhaps are mainstream now, but they didn’t use to be. And I don’t really like Nickelback that much I just like that song. Fair enough about The Prodigy because it is more electronic but I just love the beat in ‘Invaders Must Die’ And when I said ‘riff’ i just meant a good tune on a guitar. Maybe I should have said ‘bassline’ but by the examples i gave i would expect you’d be able to work out what I was talking about. And how can you say that most of them are on major record labels? Two Door Cinema Club are signed to The xx are signed to Young Turks The Strokes are signes to Rough Trade Vampire Weekend are signed to XL The Temper Trap are signed to Infectious Records Bloc Party are signed to Dim Mak Arctic Monkeys are signed to Domino Records All of these are independant record labels, and they are all rock bands, therefore they are all indie rock, like I said. So you sir, can shove your complaints up your wanabee rast

Guitar Chords: Where Can I Find A Guitar Tab/chords For A Particular Bright Eyes Track?

Monte live in a small Austin TV studio playing a cover song of Hall & Oates. This is the footage that Daryl Hall saw on YouTube that led him to invite Monte to be his special guest on the Live from Daryl’s House concert series. You can find that episode in the archives at Visit Monte online at http and

The song is called You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. it’s originally by Bright Eyes but has been covered by Snow Patrol


Guitar Notes: Should I Attend This Guitar Concert?

Ok, so I’m 14, and I’ve been playing the guitar for 3 and a half months, I’m not bad, I can play a few songs, and unless there is plucking I play very few bum notes (and even with plucking I usually do pretty well) but, I’m not sure if I’m good enough to attend this xmas concert thing, my teacher offered…I’m really not sure what to do, I mean I don’t wanna make a fool of myself because I’m not good enough, but at the same time, I don’t wanna miss a cool opportunity…what would you do?

Best Acoustic Guitar: Any Good Acoustic Guitar Artists From UK ?

in case you didn’t know i play drums. I’ve just been playing acoustic guitar a lot lately idk why. tell me what you think :)

I like UK artists like Jamie T, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Natty, Jack Penate etc.
Anyone know of any other UK Artists that mainly use Acoustic ?
Looking for artists rather than bands and needs to be from the UK

Band Games: How Do You Get Your Music Heard By Film/videogame/advertising Companies Etc?

I want to know if anyone knows who i can contact to get my music heard by film makers,video game developers,advertising companies etc.

So far all of music is free but i would like to do some work and maybe get paid once in a while as ive put years and years of work into this and still seem to be getting nowhere alough i have over 30,000 listeners i still have no cash ;(

Guitar Notes: How To Hit The Hard Notes When Singing?

John Williams performs Concerto for Lute in D Major by Antonio Vivaldi on the guitar.

you know when you sing, what is it you do to allow you to hit those hard notes sometimes I can sometimes not im an ok singer lol but I want to be better I was thinking maybe its something to do with the shape you hold your vocal cords in or maybe you just really belt out hard notes with more power because they need more power. Anyway I dont know, I dont want to sound like a dead cat practising lol so anyone can help me?

Atm Im trying to do linkin park what ive done with my mate on guitar he says Im singing good but I cant belt out the chorus.. I just peter out or I know im gonna start screeching lol!

Easy Guitar Songs: Guitar Pieces For Local Schools Festival?

Arbaaz & Malaika Arora Khan’s dinner date at IIFA Bollywood dance record attempted in Derbyshire Jacqueline Fernandez apparently has a small role in Murder 2 Mohit Suri accepts plagiarism claims on the Murder 2 Katrina Kaif wanted to borrow a guitar Madhuri Dixit’s hair scare Mahesh Bhatt: If Emrran Hashmi is the cake, Prashant Narayan is the icing On location pictures of Aarakshan Prateik Babbar’s hot photo shoot Rani Mukerji has to lose weight for Reema Kagti’s film Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif refuse to kiss in Ek Tha Tiger Shahrukh Khan might be the new IIFA ambassador Sikander Kher’s role was increased in the film

i have been entered into a festival competition playing a solo guitar piece, with different schools competing in the area. i was wondering if anyone could recommend a song i could play which isn’t too hard but not too easy either?

Easy Guitar Songs: We Are A New Pop Band And Need Some Song Suggestions, Plz Help?

We are a new pop band and need some song suggestions, plz help?
We recently formed a pop band, we have four members: a pianist, singer, drummer and guitar player. We want to begin with an easy song. We are only doing this for fun, we are all very young- so we want a song that we would like. We would appreciate any song suggestions. Thanks :)

Learn Guitar Chords: What Chord Sounds Like A B? (pref. Bm)?

I just started learning guitar and Im getting pretty good at my chords and Im trying out learning this song what I really like, but it has a B in it – I simply cant do b’s. My fingers go all awkward and everything starts clashing.
What chord sounds closest to a B? I need to try anything. x

Guitar Songs: What Simon And Garfunkel Songs Use A Strumming Pattern Not A Picking Pattern On The Guitar?

Learn Guitar Chords: Any Hints, Advice Or Tips For Self Teaching Guitar?

I started to learn (self taught) guitar 4-6 months ago. I’ve sorta come to a stand still where I find myself annoyingly play things over and over again.
I love blues, traditional greek, israeli/jewish and spanish music.
I can read tabs and play a couple of chords (shown as tabs) but I can’t read chord diagrams (I have a vague idea about turning it on its side and lookn to see where the nut is, but that’s all)
I LOVE chuck berry – but find the tabs on the web aren’t that good – any books?
I particularly like “Blue Feeling”
Also a tune I can’t find as tabs on the web…”This Town” by the Dutch Swing College Band

PS3 can’t read video on my Modern Warfare 2 Disc?

Every time I try to play MW2 I get the opening sound but no video displays. I can hit start and get sound but still no video. Black Ops Rock Band 2 and other games still work though…
I use to play it all the time until I got Black Ops so I know the disc works…
The disc is not faulty because it still plays the sound and up until two weeks after black ops released it was working

Band Games: Arm Bands? Missed Kick Off Of England Game Last Night, Who Were The Black Arm Bands For?

Во втором выпуске мы продолжаем играть в Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 теперь на карте Seatown в режиме Подавление (Захват Точек). Респа́ун (правильное произношение — «риспо́н», [riˈspɔːn]; англ. respawn, перерождение) — в компьютерных играх повторяющееся появление какого-либо объекта или персонажа игрового мира, происходящее в определённой точке (точке респауна, англ. respawn point) игрового пространства. В рамках передачи — это место где начинается любая онлайн игра, а именно видео подкаст по мультиплеерным матчам в разных играх. ПОЛЕЗНЫЕ ССЫЛКИ Мой канал – Мой твиттер – Мой фейсбук – Мой гугл плюс – Мой стим профиль –

Best Acoustic Guitar: Should I Get An Electro Acoustic Guitar?

***To all the die-hard Radiohead fans out there: I am sorry if my version of the song does not do justice to the original. The main reason I covered this was because of the meaning of the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the few lyrical mistakes. I did intentionally leave out the “She’s running out again” part. I was kind of nervous to do such a classic song, but oh well, we’ll see what people thing! I hope you like it!*** This is a cover of Radiohead’s, “Creep”. It’s not really meant to sound like the original, so I am sorry if my version ruined such a classic song. The lyrics are what have meaning to me so I wanted to mainly sing those. I think we all feel like a “Creep” at a certain point in our lives, whether we like it or not. Sometimes we feel like we don’t belong, and I think the lyrics in this song do a great job of explaining that. **In addition, I am sorry for saying the F word in this song a few times. I usually don’t feel the need to leave the cursing in, but I think if you took that out of this song, the lyrics would lose some of the power. I apologize if it offends anyone!** I chose to do this video without any nice microphones or anything like that. It’s just me, the guitar, and my point-and-shoot digital camera (which has a very bad mic). The mic is very tinny so I apologize for the sound quality. Yes, this was taken in my bathroom, it’s for the reverb. I hope you guys enjoy. Chords are pretty simple. All barre chords. G, B, C, Cm Add me on: Myspace

I already have an acoustic guitar and an electric so is there any point in me getting and Electro acoustic? It would have to be cheap because i am not made of money so if you think it would be a good idea do you have any suggestions on which ones to ge? also the colour isn’t too big a part in the guitar but it does need to be pretty but not pink or blue ar red or anything! A normal colour! Thank you!!!!!

Easy Guitar Songs: Is The Guitar Hero World Tour Music Studio Good ?

Can you make a song that sounds realistic?
How easy can you make the song?

Whats your over all opinion of it?

thanks all 😉