Guitar Games: Things For An 18 Year Old Girl To Do?

Piano cover of Safe & Sound – Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars Check out the sheet music here: NOTE: If you cannot download the sheet music from the site, please message me your email address. I will be happy to email the sheet music directly to you. If you’re on your iPod/iPad/iPhone you might not be able to download the sheet music, so you might want to test it out on your computer to double check. I check the link regularly to make sure it works. I don’t normally make sheet music for my covers (I learn them by ear), but since I was in the Christmas spirit I sat down for about 4 hours yesterday to make sheet music for this song, which I hope you guys will like :) I don’t own any rights to this song, no copyright infringement intended. Safe & Sound (C) 2011 Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars Follow me on twitter!

I live in England UK in a town where things are fairly spread out and there isn’t much to do. I don’t really have any friends and the town centre is over an hours walk away or £5 for a 25 minute bus ride.

I already play video games
guitar and ukulele
I have a horse but I don’t ride him much any more I let my mum do it instead
I used to love photography but I can’t be bothered with it any more the same as art
I like to knit but I already do that

Here are some things I won’t do:
Go out clubbing to these slag bars all about the one night stands and getting drunk
Gambling or wasting money on stupid things like alcoholic drinks
I won’t hang about with younger kids in the street

What can I do? I absolutely hate exercise and I’m very skinny I lose weight quickly so don’t suggest that or my doctor will start accusing me of stuff. I’m into unique unusual things, I’m lazy.


  1. Quigglie says:

    Learn to cook; learn a new language; become a female body builder; become a sudoku expert; play online poker and win a lot of money; learn how to do makeup, hair, or nails at a professional level; or volunteer. Just some suggestions to get started : )