Guitar Games: Is There Anything I Can Do?

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So my father a little while back was asking me what I’d wanted for my birthday, normally I’d have said I’d like one of the latest releases of games or something similar but as I aged my interest in games dropped, I got a guitar a few years back for christmas, along with an amplifier which I have taken a lot of interest in, joined a load of bands and I play it very frequently, so naturally I said I would like a guitar. My dad then asked me again a few days later with an option, he said I could “upgrade” to a Yamaha Pacifica “pro” which I denied on the pure basis of it being a bad guitar, the one I had was already a Yamaha pacifica, and I’m not really into the “classic” genre whatsoever, so I did some snooping around and found a BC Rich Warlock for £160 which he refused to buy, because he couldn’t pay on a monthly basis, and for a while he insisted that he would not buy it, fair enough you can’t pay it monthly. Regardless it took some very hard convincing from both my mother & I in order to get him to agree to purchasing the guitar, but we finally got him to agree under the condition that because it was an upfront payment of £160 I would not get a lot for Christmas, I agreed.. It was roughly a week before my birthday, and he went online to the link I had provided him with in order to purchase the guitar, to find it was out of stock, so generously he asked me if I would like to perhaps get a pair of jeans and wait for the guitar to return before he purchases it, I agreed but said if I were to find something else I would ask you to buy it instead of, unfortunately I didn’t, my birthday passed (Which was awful for other reasons) and December arrived, the guitar was still not back in stock, so I did some more snooping around and found a 7-string for roughly the same price, so I sent him the link and asked him to buy this instead, they didn’t have the money lying around as they’d just purchased an £800 DSLR Camera for themselves, so I could use it for my photography course. So they said they’d buy it a week before Christmas, but it too, went out of stock. And if he did buy it now, it wouldn’t arrive until March next year.
However, yesterday my Father fell into a blind rage and stormed into the lounge holding a stick he uses to close the curtains, he was aggressively waving it around at me, as if he was going to hit me, I personally thought he was going to beat me with it, when I was cleaning my room as he asked I froze up in fear as he entered, regardless he said that I would not be getting the guitar, no money or anything else for my birthday. Leaving me with a pair of jeans.
But if you read up the agreement was that I Wouldn’t get much for Christmas, I was forced into getting a shared gift with my sister because it was convenient which I disregarded because I was getting the guitar, but now I’m no-longer getting the guitar and the majority of what small gifts I would get is a shared gift I don’t particularly want. So I feel I’ve been cheated, for the standard of music I play and equipment needed, the stuff I have looks like I bought it from McDonald’s.

I was just curious if there’s anything I can do about it, before you all start saying I should be grateful for having a pair of jeans bought etc etc. I am grateful, I also hate my father and there are many other complex reasons, I’m not the worst in the world, but from all the people I know I’m the worst, there are worse out there, and I’m 100% sure people consider themselves lucky to even get a cake on their birthday, fortunately I am not one of those people, I am grateful I do get a cake, and grateful for the gifts provided, but my father and I in the last year have had many up’s and down’s and to end on a simple square: I hate him and he does not like me.

So back to the original question: Is there anything I can do? I feel cheated.
@ Alan, I did not state it was a right, what my father did was agree to purchase me a gift, and then steal that from me. Whether or not you would have me in your house is entirely down to you, or spend good money on you. If you were in my disposition you would too be asking this question.


  1. ALAN T says:

    What a moaning ingratiate, a present is just that and not something you have a right to expect, I wouldn’t have you in my house never mind spend good money on you.