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hi my names john i am 23 (24 on july 12) i live in Southampton and work for Travis Perkins i like metal music and play guitar i like playing computer games boxing and football


  1. musclebobbuffpants01 says:

    and the question is

  2. Natasha says:

    My home town is winchester :-) how southampton this fine evening? I’m going to la margareta’s next friday something like that anyway in southampton for hen night.

  3. L360 says:

    pin number *****
    name ******
    birthday **?**?**

    you’ll get to know me in no time!

  4. Gretchen says:

    I’m 24, black, petite, shy, really into musicals although I can’t sing and live in the Los Angeles area.

  5. Ben R says:

    hello im ben, i’m 197, live in the uk and i love to sleep

  6. samanthaw says:

    born and raised in lovely Plymouth but now live near Bristol, 21 and turning 22 in June and i work in a vet surgery! how are you? lol

  7. Soph_maria says:

    since when is this a message board?

  8. vycki n says:

    i am in arizona…stay at home mom and childcare provider…love my life!!! happy day Yahoo Friend!

  9. hasicit says:

    check my profile.

  10. kharilli says:

    Go to my profile and you’ll find out all you need to know.

  11. speelseegel says:

    I am Leo. I live in Belgium. That is a small country in Europe. In the North is Netherland ; in the east Germany in the south is France and in th West United Kingdom. I work in the post office. I like traditional music and Dutch linguistic songs.
    I love the nature. I love healthy entertainment.

  12. bride to be says:

    well im 21 and im engaged to you we get married in may we live in the same house, i nick your computer while ur on the ps3 and we watch football
    anything else you want to know im sure i can sort it out