Guitar Lessons: How Old Would You Say I Am?

This is my recording of ‘Both Sides Now’ … I have been playing the guitar for about 7 months, and have just started singing lessons (I have had only 4 lessons so far!) so I know it’s not brilliant…
But I am interested to know, based on my voice, how old do you think I am?
R@m R@ide – where does it say 7 years ago?? I recorded it earlier this week…

No-one is right yet, though Shasha is close…


  1. ollyscat65 says:

    Around 20-25

  2. smoke says:


  3. shasha222 says:

    you have beautiful voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH my gosh!!!! i would say about 25

  4. princezz says:

    I’d guess about 15.

    Am I even close?


    PS Very nice voice.

  5. shirley v says:


  6. santhia_lover88 says:


  7. " Ye Baby " says:

    72 baby!

  8. R@mR@ider69. says:

    well since it says seven years ago,i will go for around 18yrs old.

  9. icequeen says:

    Hi you have good potential in your voice just needs training especially when you hit the low notes. Cant really tell your age as if you listen to Charlotte Church singing at 10 she sounds like she is 20 but go for it you sound better than most of the artists today :)