Guitar Lessons: Does He Like Me Or Not?

i asked him to teach me guitar and he said ok he would and i said are you having me on or what. Then he said im not im serious but then he texted saying he would have to make some space to schedule me in to meet him for a lesson on guitar. Then when i said some time next month he said hes fully booked wat about the month after :). He also texted me saying i was only going somewere to stalk his friend which im not. why would he say this when he knows i like him. does he like me or not?


  1. HannahLovesYou! says:

    Sorry hun, but i dont think he likes you :/
    either that or he’s playing hard to get 😛

  2. blackpool lass says:

    hiya, find some one else.he is not intressed.x