Guitar Lessons: Help Anyone?

I was thinking on getting some guitar lessons but then i though teaching myself would make me a better player overall. Are there any good sites to help you learn how to play guitar that are FREE??? IM talking about GOOD sites that have a step by step starting from just the VERY basics… THANKS! PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS!


  1. me you says:

    this is serious man………….dream on!

  2. OriginalBubble says:

    I dont know any sites, but the Dummys Guide to playing a guitar is a good book. Maybe you could get it from your library?

  3. sam says:

    I bought my daughter a couple of books, shows you string for string, she finds this difficult though as there is no sound!!

    She now uses sky – there is a musicians channel on there that shows lessons, you may want to give this a try. If you have sky + you can record them and watch them over till you get it spot on.

    good luck in your quest

  4. hel4adz says:

    Not sure about sites to help you learn how to start from beginning, but i can tell you of a good site to get songs from, for when you learn the basics. My partner uses it, he was self taught and he is brill now, so i would definatley use this site for self teaching of songs.

  5. samsonite50000 says:

    get a few friends to show you a little bit . a song here and a song there preferably an easy song that nirvana plays then work your way up .if you learn 10 songs without learning the solo you should be just fine to make up your own stuff ,but if you learn the solo’s you could start teaching me.there aren’t really any good web site for this the best way is hands on

  6. jay says:

    you need to learn the chords

    that site has them all and its free,good luck!