Guitar Lessons: How Can A 14-year-old Become A Famous Singer?

Михаил Старостин : Урок по правой руке :

OK, if you’ve read my other questions, you’ve probably worked out that my true desire is music.

I have been having keyboard lessons since I was 10, I have a Grade 3 certificate, and because of this, I also have the ability to play a little piano. Furthermore, my mother gave me one of her guitars when I was 12, and I’ve been playing it almost everyday ever since. Finally, I have been told by many people, all through my life, that I have an amazing voice. Even though I play keyboards and guitar, my biggest joy is singing. I’ve always had the dream to be on stage in front of thousands of people, and to show them that I have a gift.

Last year I got the chance to audition for the X Factor, because they lowered the minimum age to 14. However, when I asked my mother if I could audition for it, she threw away my chance by saying, “No.” I had that feeling that you get when your heart drops down and it starts racing, and in the end I was so upset, I ran to my room and cried into my pillow. My first bad comment, and from my own mother! She lowered my confidence, way down.

But a couple of weeks after, although I was really worried about what would happen if I didn’t, I auditioned for a solo in the Christmas concert at school. I got the solo, and I sang in front of over 200 people. I was really nervous when the spotlight hit me, but there were some other girls in my year in the audience, and when the concert finished, they told me they were shocked by me.

My confidence has been getting higher and higher ever since then, and now I really do feel that I can be able to perform again. My RE teacher is a church singer, and she’s created a songwriting group at school, and it came to no surprise to her that I joined. I’ve already written a couple of songs, and all my friends say they’re really good. My mom still won’t let me audition for reality shows like Britain’s Got Talent, so is there any way that I can become famous without going down that path?


  1. ??? says:

    sleep with simon cowell?

  2. Adam says:

    Put some videos of yourself singing onto Youtube and get yourself noticed.

  3. Violet says:

    never let you dreams go . . . . .

    but some people such as miley cyrus most likely wouldnt be so famous without fame in the family but its possible just do your best and put your heart and soul in to it . ..

  4. hola me llamo rosetta! xxx says:

    send a video of urself singing to simon cowell, and if he declines send it very week like n-dubs did and the record people got tired of them sending it and eventualluy signed them. never give up!

  5. Katie x says:

    Maybe you should wait until you finish school. You should preform for local competitions, like at school or in your town. Are you just doing this for the fame? Maybe ask your mom why she doesn’t want you to audition for the x factor. I think the best idea is to wait until you finish school then decide what path you want to take in life. Good luck =]

  6. e says:

    well tell your mum you want to! your not a little child, tell her how you feel and try to persuade her, tv shows are the only answer

  7. Kirstan says:

    go to!
    you can audition to become one!!!

  8. shaja says:

    Try posting videos with you singing and playing on youtube. I think that many people did that and became famous, well not like superstars or something but maybe it’ll help for people to know you and hear your voice.

  9. daxica says:

    I think it will be a difficult thing to achieve but you could just start by recording your own voice and improving it all the time.Join groups like you are doing and eventually you’ll probably break into joining a band or something when you get older. you’re still young yet so improve on your voice you’ve all those years ahead of you to sing.If you truly have a gift you’ll be noticed eventually.

  10. San_x says:

    not really
    my advice is just GO ON X FACTOR
    and tell ur mom wos her prob

  11. Sonny says:

    If you want to be a singer just for the fame then there’s no point