I have got a 100 pound argos voucher…?

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i got 100 pound argos voucher from a friend but i am stuck between buying things… What would you do in my position? i am in no rush runs out in 3 years.

putting towards tv? laptop? new games console (i only have ps2 but the only game i play is guitar hero)… HELP!


  1. newsgirl says:

    Digital camera or camcorder – wait till the Jan sales and really get a bargain.

  2. Ruby A says:

    well, i am quite greedy (lol) so i would probably buy loads of chocolate, games, make up and big earrings. LOL

  3. Bored says:

    Store vouchers are not as safe as cash. If the store goes under you lose your money. Argos are probably in a strong position but I would be inclined to spend it rather than lose it.

  4. misscool800 says:

    I would get a games console but then I think getting a laptop would be good. I would wait until I really needed something.

  5. tinkerbell says:

    Buy yourself some more ps2 games.

  6. Milly says:

    I am right in thinking you already have a tv, as you need it to play your console on, there is no point in 2 consoles. (:
    hope this helped

  7. red devil says:

    hiya, save it for the january sales you will get more for your money.